Apply for Tuition Remission

UMCP Campus Requests

Application for tuition remission is completed on-line. An electronic form called “TR-ELF” is available on the ARES website, by selecting ELF form.  Please see your departmental payroll and benefits administrator for more information on processing the TR-ELF request.

Other USM Institutions

The paper tuition remission request form must be completed for tuition remission requests for other USM institutions. Once the request is completed, your department head/director must review and approve the request. The form should then be sent to the University Human Resources Office of Employee Benefits for review and final approval and forwarded to the appropriate institution for processing.

Download the forms from here: Tuition Remission Form

Graduate Assistants Tuition Remission Process

Graduate Assistants do not need to submit the electronic tuition remission form (TR Elf) each semester or term in order to receive tuition remission. All GA’s that have an active appointment in the university payroll system (PHR) and are registered for classes each semester or term will automatically receive the appropriate tuition remission posted to their student account, based on their full or part time status. However, graduate assistants should check with their departmental approver to confirm that your appointment is active in PHR. Each subsequent semester or term, graduate assistants will automatically receive an email stating that their tuition remission has been processed.

Last updated: May 10, 2019