E-Verify Procedures

When a contract incorporating the E-Verify Federal Acquisition Regulation Clause (FAR 52.222-54) is received in ORAA, ORAA will send a notification email to the department administrative contact, with a copy to the PI and University Human Resources (UHR).The department must initiate the E-Verify process for employees assigned to the contract as follows:

  • Employees currently at UM and assigned to a new E-Verify contract must be E-verified by UHR within 90 days of UM’s receipt of the fully-executed contract.
  • Employees currently at UM and newly assigned to an existing E-Verify contract must be E- Verified by UHR within 30 days of assignment to the contract.
  • Employees who are new to UM and assigned to an E-Verify contract must be E-Verified by UHR within 3 business days of being hired by UM.

Employees hired prior to 11/6/86 are not subject to the E-Verify process.

The department should complete the information on the E-Verify Form  and submit it to UHR notifying UHR that these employees are subject to the E-Verify process.

Once contact with UHR has been established via the online form, the department should schedule an appointment to meet with Teika Robinson by email (trobins8@umd.edu) or by telephone (301-405-5683) to complete the E-Verify process.

The employee/department representative will hand deliver the I-9(s) along with identification documents to UHR.

When the department delivers the I-9 and identification documents to UHR, they are attesting that the picture ID produced by the employee and any other form of identification matches.

If employee successfully passes the E-Verify process, UHR records the confirmation number and date in PHR. In addition, UHR prints the confirmation information page from the E-Verify system, attaches it to the I-9, and returns it to the department’s representative for filing in the employee’s file in the department.

If the employee does not pass the E-Verification process, UHR records the Tentative Non-Confirmation information in PHR. UHR will then provide the department information regarding the Tentative Non- Confirmation. The department must notify the employee for further action. It is recommended that an employee not be assigned to a contract until the Tentative Non-Confirmation is resolved.

The employee has the right to contest or not contest the Tentative Non-Confirmation and to follow through with the appropriate governmental agency.

If the employee decides to contest,it is their responsibility to notify UHR of the status of their appeal.

Once the employee contests the Tentative Non -Confirmation the matter will be turned over by UHR to the University Legal Office.

Last updated: August 30, 2016