Primary Areas of Service

Collective Bargaining Issues

Represents management in collective bargaining negotiations with bargaining representatives for covered exempt, nonexempt and sworn police officers, and interprets resulting Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs). Trains management on collective bargaining issues such as familiarizing management with MOU provisions and representation rights. Negotiates side agreements, when necessary, with bargaining unit representatives.

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Disciplinary Matters

Assists management in investigating and evaluating employee conduct for potential discipline. Provides assistance in determining what, if any, discipline may be appropriate and in creating necessary documents. Provides guidance on union employee right to representation during investigations.

Fitness for Duty Issues

Schedules medical evaluations with qualified health care provider where there are questions regarding whether an employee is fit to perform the duties of his/her job because of existing health issues. Assists in preparing the documents needed to maximize medical reviews. Helps departments understand the information received after the consultation, ensuring appropriate confidentiality, and assists in the implementation of recommendations of the evaluating health care provider (if any). Assists in acute alcohol or drug situations.
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BOR Policy VI-8.00(F) – University of Maryland Fitness for Duty Policy and Procedures

Grievance Representation

Protects management’s interests in the grievance process before and after the filing of a formal grievance. Assists management in formulating their response to grievances (and potential grievances). Represents management in Step II and Step III grievance hearings, preparing testimony, evidence and witnesses and by filing Motions where appropriate.
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Assists management with the layoff approval process. Calculates points for bumping purposes (nonexempt employees only). Assists administrators and employees in understanding the layoff, recall and re-employment policies. Assists administrators in preparing for meetings with affected employees and communicating with remaining employees about the layoff.

Modified Duty and ADA Requests

Assists managers with employees unable to perform the duties of the job because of illness or injury who make requests for job changes under the Modified Duty policy or under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Ensures proper application of standards and assists in the creation of necessary documents.

Separation and Emergency Termination of Staff Computer Access (Managers Only)

This is an Internal Campus Business Request Form to be used to notify the Office of Data Administration (ODA) when access to campus-wide computer applications, credit cards, OIT-sponsored email, etc. should be terminated due to the immediate involuntary separation of an employee. When appropriately approved notice is received, ODA immediately notifies service offices to remove access to their applications. Note: This action will not cover termination of access to local applications (e.g. department sponsored e-mail systems, departmental databases), local area computer networks, personnel/payroll actions, and return of keys, ID card, and equipment. This form is not intended for use in routine terminations.