Employee Data Verification

The Data Verification Form gives you the ability to view and update your Personal Data. This includes your Primary Name, Permanent Address, Campus Address and Emergency Contact Information. You can also view some of your appointment information stored in the PHR System. This tool is accessible via ARES, the University’s one-stop-shop web page, which offers many administrative, faculty and research services in one setting.

To access your Employee Data Verification screen:

1. Simply go to . . . http://www.ares.umd.edu and sign in by clicking Login at the top of the left column.

2. After your Login is successful, click on Payroll and Human Resources in the left column of the ARES home page; then click Display/Update Personal Data underneath.

3. Changing your information on the Employee Data Verification screen is intuitive. Just click your way through the various data fields, correcting what is necessary. When you are finished, please remember to click the Update button at the bottom of the page.

Remember that you are changing your official University information, so please be careful to double-check your entries before clicking the Update button and leaving the screen. Information you have changed via the ARES Employee Data Verification screen will be automatically updated in our PHR System.

IF YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR PERMANENT ADDRESS OR NAME, MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE IT WITH BOTH PAYROLL AND BENEFITS.  Links to the necessary forms are located on our Name/Address change page.

Last updated: July 22, 2015