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image IS partnerThe Hyperion/WOW User Group was established to provide resources to our campus users.  It will be a forum to provide and share information on extracting HR data from the data warehouse and to improve HR data reporting needs.


To collaborate ideas on data extraction methods and to provide training through forums and webinars.  Additionally, to serve as an outlet for sharing key metrics, similar interest, concerns, or goals as it relates to HR data reporting for decision making.


DepartmentIS Partner
AGNR/ENGRDavid Anthony Kenny
ARCHMonica Herrera
ARHUHeather Gray
CMNSArlene Manguiat
DiTMeredith Lee
FMTim Day
FMNancy Yeroshefsky
GRAD SchoolKristina Cassiday
INFOMargarita Rodriguez
PUAFAlphi Daigler
SGJess Jacoson
SPHLJessica Duque
SVPAAPMarla Bonner
Undergraduate StudiesJennifer Kurty
VP ResearchVeronica Lewis
VP ResearchKurt Flick
VPSAMike Paszkiewicz
VPSA-Stamp UnionKalia Patricio
VPSA-Counseling CenterEugina Becton
VPAF-Comptroller-Payroll ServicesJeff Kirby
VPAF-Comptroller-Payroll ServicesRachel Martel


May 3, 201711:00am - 12:30pm1101U Chesapeake Building
June 28, 20172:00 pm - 3:30 pm


WOW Statistics

Use the search box to narrow the listing of forms or use the drop down filters to view forms by a specific department or type.  Data set is for March 2017.

Report CategoryReport NameUsers' Session
Affiliate ReportsAffiliate Lookup - Short Form12
Affiliate ReportsAffiliates to be Published in the Directories8
Affiliate ReportsAffiliates with ID Card Services Pending Approval4
Affiliate ReportsAffiliates with ID Card Services Pending Release2
Affiliate ReportsCurrent Affiliates - List & Statistics13
Affiliate ReportsExpiring Affiliates27
Appointment ReportsAccident Leave Report6
Appointment ReportsAppointment Action Report14
Appointment ReportsAppointment eTerp Salary Comparison1
Appointment ReportsAppointment Salary Change Report6
Appointment ReportsAppt Activity Suite37
Appointment ReportsAppt Approval Status Report7
Appointment ReportsCurrent Appts - List & Stats153
Appointment ReportsDivision of Academic Affairs Overloads18
Appointment ReportsFunding Sources Reports74
Appointment ReportsFY2017 Payroll Conversion8
Appointment ReportsPHR C2 Conversion Report7
Appointment ReportsPHR Security Report2
Appointment ReportsProbationary Status Report18
Appointment ReportsSalary Additions4
Appointment ReportsTerminating Appointments Report91
Employee Reports3D Mailing List Report3
Employee ReportsContingent 2 Leave Accrual Rate Report4
Employee ReportsEmail Address, Directory ID, Campus Address and Office Telephone Number Report12
Employee ReportsEmergency Contact Report4
Employee ReportsEmployee Export Control1
Employee ReportsEmployee Lookup72
Employee ReportsEmployee Lookup for Police100
Employee ReportsEmployee Lookup for Transportation Services22
Employee ReportsEmployee Lookup Workers' Compensation3
Employee ReportsEmployee Visa Report Suite14
Employee ReportsEssential Employee Report10
Employee ReportsF&M Leave Usage Report4
Employee ReportsLeave Balances Report36
Employee ReportsLeave Usage Report100
Employee ReportsNo W4 Received15
Employee ReportsParental Leave Usage Report3
Employee ReportsParking Payroll Deductions - UMCP Employees ONLY23
Employee ReportsPHR E-Verify Report16
Employee ReportsPHR EDV12
Employee ReportsPHR EDV Campus24
Employee ReportsPHR EDV Campus for Travel Svcs86
Employee ReportsPHR Employee Degree Info51
Employee ReportsPHR Service Award Report15
Employee ReportsResponsible Conduct in Research9
Employee ReportsRetirement Selection Pending11
Employee ReportsUMCP PRD Report141
Employee ReportsUse or Lose Leave Report24
eTerp-PeopleAdmineTerpWOW Posting Report16
eTerp-PeopleAdminPHR eTerp Security Report1
Faculty ReportsAdjunct Faculty Report5
Faculty ReportsAffordable Health Care Data Warehouse1
Faculty ReportsCurrent Joint Appointments4
Faculty ReportsEmeriti Query4
Faculty ReportsExpiring Faculty Appointment Durations10
Faculty ReportsFaculty Affairs Only - Phr Svaap Faculty Data Uhr5
Faculty ReportsFaculty Leave Balance Report18
Faculty ReportsFaculty Leave Payout Indicator Report1
Faculty ReportsFaculty Leave Usage Report8
Faculty ReportsFaculty Rank10
Faculty ReportsFaculty Salary Scatterplot10
Faculty ReportsFaculty Work Group Report3
Faculty ReportsGraduate Faculty Lookup3
Faculty ReportsMandatory Tenure Review Year8
Faculty ReportsMissing Faculty Signatures14
Faculty ReportsMissing Supervisor Approvals - FACULTY12
Faculty ReportsPHR Librarian Perm Status2
Faculty ReportsPHR Sabbatical - Faculty LWOP1
Faculty ReportsPost-Doc Report21
Faculty ReportsSummary of Temporary Non Tenured and Contractual Appointments with Faculty Titles4
Freeze ReportsPHR Employee Degree Info61
Freeze ReportsPost-Doc Report30
Gross Pay ReportsCheck Distribution Report322
Gross Pay ReportsMissing Supv Approvals-Hourly10
Gross Pay ReportsPay Adjustments Pending Approval10
Gross Pay ReportsPHR Compensatory Time Report3
Gross Pay ReportsTerminating Appts Report7
Position Management ReportsAppts vs Pos Mgmt13
Position Management ReportsPHR Title Listing9
Position Management ReportsPosition Management Report51
Position Management ReportsPosition Mgmt Lookup35
Service Office ReportsC1 Conversion Report1
Service Office ReportsEmails for Training Classes1
Service Office ReportsNew Hire Report - Training2
Service Office ReportsNew Hire Report Pre Offer Employment Date14
Service Office ReportsNew Managers Report - Training1
Service Office ReportsSeparated Employees Report2
Sexual HarassmentPHR Sexual Harassment Report8
Time Entry ReportsMissing Employee Signatures - HOURLY38
Time Entry ReportsMissing Employee Signatures - SALARIED38
Time Entry ReportsMissing Supervisor Approvals - HOURLY66
Time Entry ReportsMissing Supervisor Approvals - SALARIED67
Time Entry ReportsTimesheet Signatures Report17
Time Entry ReportsWork Group Report29


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