Adult Basic Education

English for Speakers of Other Languages — ESOL Classes

  • The program provides non-native English speaking students the opportunity to develop proficiency in the academic English needed to be successful in the work place and as citizens. Experienced L&TD staff teach and facilitate the ESOL program.  Additional teachers are hired to meet the specific needs of the number of interested students and their current level of communicating, verbally and in writing, in English.  UMD undergraduate student aids are also hired to assist with interpretation services.
  • Additionally, Dr. Ana Patricia Rodriguez, faculty in the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, is working with L&TD to offer service learning opportunities for class credit for undergraduate students to be involved in the ESOL classes.  Their projects include creating learning tools such as videos or handbooks and providing interpreting services.
  • Successful students in ESOL receive a Certificate of Completion.

Computer Connections Classes

  • The Computer Connections program, facilitated by L&TD staff, provides staff with basic computer skills that increase their connections to campus resources, job development opportunities and the overall campus community. The program consists of an eight week computer course that includes learning how to navigate the internet to access information related to payroll and leave, benefits, use Outlook email to communicate with people, within and across, departments, use Microsoft Word to create and print simple work related documents, and use eTerp2 to Search and apply for new positions.
  • Successful students receive a Certificate of Completion.

Pre/GED Classes

  • The program provides university staff the opportunity to obtain their GED. Experienced and certified instructors teach and facilitate the program. Both Pre-GED and GED preparation classes are offered to UMD staff. Class sizes and schedules are established based on the interest and availability of the students with the goal to provide classes to thirty students.

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Last updated: August 17, 2015