Leadership Development Initiatives (LDI)

Track I—Foundations of Leadership

Foundations of Leadership is a 6-course program that covers the essential skills needed to be an effective supervisor. This experiential learning, highly-interactive program gives participants the practical knowledge and skills to develop employees, build trust and improve performance.

LDI-coverParticipants Learn How To:

  • Create high-trust relationships
  • Build a positive work environment
  • Foster a culture that honors, values and respects diversity
  • Communicate with integrity
  • Listen with empathy and understanding
  • Turn conflict into an opportunity for change and growth
  • Develop employees to perform to their highest potential
  • Plan and organize based on organizational priorities
  • Run efficient & effective meetings in five-minutes or less
  • Delegate fairly and effectively

These sessions have not only taught me a great deal about management and leadership and equipped me with practical skills that I can apply immediately, but they have also afforded me an opportunity to network with colleagues across campus that I might not have otherwise met. ~Niambi Wilder
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Who Should Attend
All university supervisors, or aspiring supervisors, can benefit and are encouraged to attend this program. A broad mix of experience levels contributes to the dynamic learning environment that makes this program valuable for all participants. Foundations of Leadership is particularly helpful to supervisors with less than 5 years’ experience.

How it Works
To earn a certificate of completion, participants need to complete all 6 courses. Courses can be taken individually, but it is highly-recommended that participants take all 6 courses in order as the relationships that are developed are an integral part of the learning experience.

Learning fee is $50 for each student per course, or $300 to earn a certificate for all 6 courses. NEW CANCELLATION/NO SHOW POLICY: If you need to cancel, please do so by 9am two business days before the session.  Not doing so or ‘no showing’ will result in a $25 administration fee charged to the noted KFS account.

How to Register
All active courses are on the university’s training website: training.umd.edu. You will need your approving supervisor’s name and KFS # to complete the registration.

Course Sequence
LDI I-1              Keys to a Positive Workplace
LDI I-2              Essential Communication Skills
LDI I-3              Conflict as Opportunity
LDI I-4              Effective Delegation
LDI I-5              Planning & Execution
LDI I-6              Constructive Performance Conversations

Course Descriptions


A positive, high-trust work environment where people come to work because they want to, not because they have to, is an essential component of organizational success. This course gives supervisors the ideas and tools to create a work environment where our diverse workforce feels valued, respected and appreciated.


A recent survey found that 86% of all workplace issues could have been prevented through better communication. This workshop helps supervisors develop skills for effective two-way communication, including listening, empathy, observing and responding.


This workshop helps supervisors to see conflict as an opportunity to change, learn and grow, as opposed to a problem that brings people down. Supervisors learn practical skills that can help them successfully resolve conflict, build trust and create a stronger, more effective work environment as a result.


Delegation isn’t just a component of leadership, delegation is leadership. This exciting workshop gives supervisors the knowledge and skills to delegate work that increases productivity, but also helps develop people, improve morale and increase the supervisor’s personal effectiveness.


An essential aspect of leadership is about setting direction and getting things done. This workshop gives supervisors simple, practical, but incredibly effective skills for prioritizing and planning work. It also gives supervisors the knowledge and ability to run “5-minute” meetings that keeps everyone engaged and productive.


The capstone course for Foundations of Leadership, participants learn how to turn performance meetings into positive and productive experiences for the employee and the supervisor. Supervisors gain the knowledge and skills to help employees improve their performance while helping them develop and grow professionally.

Track II—Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership is a dynamic, highly-participative two-day cohort program for leaders who are seriously committed to personal and organizational change.

Participants Learn How To:

  • Take ownership and responsibility as leaders
  • Lead employees through times of change and uncertainty
  • Create high-trust relationships at every level of the organization
  • Foster a culture that honors, values and respects diversity
  • Coach, develop and inspire employees to continually improve their performance
  • Develop strategic goals and plans for his/her area of responsibility

Who Should Attend
This program is designed for supervisors with five or more years of experience who are strongly committed to improving his or her leadership knowledge and skills. It is also open to supervisors with less than five years’ experience provided they have completed the LDI Foundations of Leadership program.

How it Works
To earn a certificate of completion participants need to complete the two-day course in its entirety.

Learning fee is $350 for both days, which includes refreshments and lunch.

How to Register
All active courses are on the university’s training website: www.training.umd.edu. Each course is offered at least three times per semester. You will need your approving supervisor’s name and KFS # to complete the registration.

Transformational Leadership Topics


To be a transformational leader, you must first learn how to transform yourself. This course helps leaders learn how qualities such as renewal, ownership and integrity form a powerful foundation for character—the essential ingredient for real and lasting change.


John Kennedy once said “the one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable.” We live and work in a dynamic, fluid, constantly changing environment, which can knock us off course without good leadership. Leaders will get insight into the dynamics of change as well as practical tools to help navigate and lead people through it.


It’s been said that the quality of our lives depend on the quality of our relationships, an adage that is especially true in the workplace. In order to be an effective leader, we need to be able to develop healthy, constructive relationships with everyone in our sphere of influence, including our employees, peers and bosses.  Leaders will get insight into relationship dynamics as well as tools to build high-trust relationships with anyone.


The two pillars of the University’s PRD process are job performance and professional development. This course expands on the PRD process and gives supervisor’s the fundamental coaching skills to help his or her employees make ongoing performance improvement and professional growth an integral and ongoing part of everything they do.


There’s an old saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.” This part of the program uses the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) to assess your area of responsibility and map out strategic plans. You’ll leave the program with a fresh roadmap and plan for leading your team to new heights!

Last updated: September 22, 2015