Non-Paid | Affiliate Appts & Honorariums

This information applies to all units within the Division of Academic Affairs and may, or may not, apply to other campus divisions. However, it would be prudent for all other campus divisions to reference these guidelines when appointing non-paid individuals and/or retaining foreign nationals for various business needs.
In an effort to clarify the appropriate use of Non-Paid Appointments, Affiliate Appointments (Affiliate module of PHR) and Honorarium payments, the descriptions below have been compiled for your reference. It is important to note that an individual can only receive ONE of these:

A Non-Paid Appointment, an Affiliate Appointment or Honorarium payment. They are mutually exclusive and cannot be concurrent for an individual affiliated with the University of Maryland.

Non-Paid Appointment

A Non-Paid Appointment is appropriate when any of the following apply to a person who is not being paid by the university but having an on-going and longer term relationship with the university:

  • Has a citizenship/visa type that allows for a non-paid/volunteer relationship with UMCP.(contact ISSS for additional details).
  • Is working on a UMCP grant or research project
  • Has a strong degree of collaboration with a UMCP faculty/staff member.
  • Will be on campus in a non-paid capacity for a period of time prior to and adjacent to the start of a paid appointment.
  • Is a paid faculty member with a temporary loss of funding.
  • Is a Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI).
  • Has more than occasional physical presence on campus and has been assigned office or lab space.
  • Is a trainee.
  • Supervises employees and signs off on their PHR time sheets.

Additionally, Non-Paid appointments are appropriate when a person:

  • Is teaching but not paid.
  • Holds any title in the Affiliate Professor Title series.
  • Has tenure in a department but does not have a paid appointment in that department.


An Affiliate appointment is appropriate for a person who is not a student or employee, nor paid by the university, to whom the University wants to give limited services or wants to document a shorter term relationship, and all of the following apply to the person:

  • Does not meet the criteria for a non-paid PHR appointment.
  • Has a citizenship/visa type of CB, PR, AS or RF.
  • Supports the mission of the university.


If an Honorarium or Per Diem will be paid via Payroll Services & Accounts Payable, neither a Non-Paid appointment nor an Affiliate record can be processed. This means an individual cannot receive services on campus, i.e. Email, ID Card, Shuttle Bus, etc. and also receive an Honorarium. If services and payment are required for an individual, then a Paid appointment is necessary and an Honorarium would not be available. If an Honorarium is provided to a Non- Resident Alien, they must complete specific paperwork which must be routed through Payroll Services prior to the Honorarium being paid. NRA Honorariums must NEVER be paid through PHR non-standard payments. Doing so will expose the university and the NRA to great immigration risk.

Last updated: January 11, 2018