Why LDI?

Foundations of Leadership isn’t a typical supervisory training program. It’s a participant-centered, highly interactive learning experience that equips university supervisors with practical, tangible skills that they can put to use immediately on the job. ( More )

image of LDI class
Benefits of Foundations of Leadership

  • Empowers supervisors to improve performance
  • Helps promote and create an accepting and inclusive work environment
  • Builds trust between supervisors and employees
  • Equips supervisors with the knowledge and skills to help employees grow and develop
  • Helps take the “guesswork” out of supervision by providing proven leadership techniques that make a measurable difference in the workplace.

What participants are saying about LDI’s Foundations of Leadership …

“Attending LDI had definitely helped me grow as a young supervisor and I continue to learn every day.”~Rene Diaz“Your training courses are highly participative and stimulating. I can’t wait to apply what I learned at my workplace.”~Paul Romero“Being a part of the LDI sessions was such an amazing and eye opening experience.”~Brittany Humphries“I found the program, to be a time to revisit known material and a time to explore new avenues of areas personal strength and weakness. The networking is such a wonderful positive experience, I not only gained a lot of new perspectives but managed to develop new friendships.”~Donna Middledorf“LDI helped me embrace my own potential as a leader in the workplace by reminding me that the skills it takes to be an effective supervisor aren’t just something “you either have or you don’t,” but can be learned and mastered over time through practice, openness to change and growth, and meaningful guidance and feedback along the way.”~James Stillwell“I felt that the LDI Track I course was one of the best things I have ever participated in for my professional development and I am excited to implement the things I have learned with my team.”~Michelle Pridmore

Other Comments from Post-Course Evaluations

~It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve learned so many tangible skills … there is nothing else like it!

~LDI is the most helpful program I have ever participated in. I think it should be required for all supervisors … it’s an incredibly well-run program.

~I love the takeaways that we can actually use in our jobs!

ldi-photo-e~This is a great program that would be great for all supervisors or potential supervisors to have a chance to attend … the takeaways are so vital to having a better professional environment

~I felt like a learned several strategies I can use immediately to improve my role as a supervisor and help my team improve as well.

~The combination of clear objectives and real-world discussion of work experience is incredibly helpful and engaging. 

~I would recommend this to anyone supervising or who wants to supervise in the future!

~I really enjoyed discovering actionable ideas from both Art and participants. I’m confident that I can implement at my job what I learned today in training. 

ldi-photo-d~It was very interactive. The session was great! Now I just need to implement. It’s on me. 

~This was the most challenging class for me personally as it showed me the need for self-reflection. So much valuable information to review in both my professional and personal life

~What I liked most is that Art used an experiential approach to helping us understand how to/and the importance of delegating

Last updated: November 4, 2015

Last updated: November 4, 2015