Faculty Leave Recording

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I am writing to inform you that we have created a new method for the electronic recording of faculty leave accrual and usage. Currently, faculty complete monthly time-keeping records, and departments maintain leave balances manually or in spreadsheets. The new system will be implemented no later than August 16, 2008, which is the end of Pay Period 4. All tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenured faculty who are employed 50% time or more and who are eligible for benefits must use the new process. Electronic leave records will be accessed through the Payroll and Human Resources (PHR) System to record annual leave, sick leave, personal leave, and holidays.

There are several benefits to using the electronic process. First, faculty leave accrual and usage in an electronic environment will be consistent across the Division. Second, more accurate leave balances will be available prior to retirement and for the calculation of leave payouts. The new process will also minimize legislative audit findings of error and omissions in faculty time reporting that have beset the campus for many years. Moreover, since the data will be stored electronically, the need for departments to report end-of-year faculty leave usage and leave balances will be eliminated. Departments will no longer report yearly leave usage and balances beginning with Fiscal Year 2009.

A requirement of the electronic process is that each dean must decide whether faculty members must enter their own leave or whether designated staff can enter faculty leave. Additionally, department chairs must determine who will enter and approve faculty leave records. Based on departmental records, leave accrual and usage for each faculty member will be established and entered into PHR. Faculty members will be able to use their University common login and password to enter the System, to affirm duty days, and to record leave usage. Supervisors will be required to approve the electronic records.

I will send a memorandum to all faculty announcing the new process. PHR staff will be providing instructions to you with more detailed information. Mrs. Kim Colbert, Assistant Director in University Human Resources (x55664), will work with the departments to determine work groups and confirm faculty leave balances and to answer any questions about the electronic process. If you have policy questions about faculty leave, please contact Dr. Ellin Scholnick (x54252) or Ms. Jan Andrews
(x57226) of my office.

Nariman Farvardin, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Last updated: April 10, 2013

Last updated: April 10, 2013