New Process to Record Collegial Leave Accrual and Usage

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I am writing to notify you of revisions to the University of Maryland, College Park Policy and Procedures for Non-Creditable Sick Leave (II-2.30(A). The policy provides a system of colleague substitution for instructional faculty who are absent due to incapacitation for brief periods as a result of short-term illness, injury, or childbirth. This is the practice whereby colleagues of the disabled faculty member assume
responsibility for his/her classes and other essential functions, on a voluntary basis, in addition to carrying on their own work.

The University Senate and President Wallace Loh approved the proposed changes to this policy on May4, 2011, and May 10, 2011, respectively. The changes reflect our desire for the campus policy to be well defined and to have a consistent and uniform process for recording collegial leave usage. You may view the policy, in its entirety, at

Some key policy provisions are as follows:
• “Non-creditable ‘collegial’ sick leave shall not exceed 25 work days per year for an individual faculty member on a 12-month appointment, and shall be prorated according to the faculty member’s academic year appointment, e.g., 9-month, 9.5- month, or 10-month appointment. Once a faculty member has exhausted his/her annual limit of non-creditable ‘collegial’ sick leave, his/her creditable sick leave shall be charged.”
• “The faculty member filling in for a colleague must have some familiarity with the course material.”
• “Non-creditable ‘collegial’ sick leave is not credited toward retirement and does not carry forward to the next year.”
• “Faculty will track use of non-creditable ‘collegial’ sick leave in the University of Maryland PHR Faculty Leave Reporting System.”

As I am sure you know, you may access your leave records through the PHR system at under Quick Links “PHR Time Entry/Faculty Leave.” Effective immediately, Collegial Sick Leave will be available to enter on your bi-weekly leave record.

Should you have any questions concerning the Non-Creditable Sick Leave Policy, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at or x5-6803.

Ann Wylie, Senior Vice President and Provost

Last updated: April 4, 2019

Last updated: April 4, 2019