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The University is nearing the end of the 2015-2016 Performance Review & Development (PRD) review cycle (March 2015 through March 2016). Supervisors in all departments should now be preparing to conduct final PRD evaluations for all Regular and Contingent 2 staff employees.

Instructions and applicable timelines for completing PRD evaluations are described below.

The completed PRD List, formerly the PRD Roster, is due April 22, 2016

    • Final PRD reviews for Nonexempt and Exempt staff must be completed and reported to UHR by April 22, 2016. University policy requires that each Regular and C2 staff employee receive a PRD evaluation; reviews should be conducted in accordance with institutional policies and procedures. PRD policies and forms are available on the UHR website.
    • Supervisors who conduct PRDs are required to complete training on how to do a PRD. Any supervisor responsible for completing PRDs who has not completed PRD training should contact UHR at 301.405.0001 or 301.405.5651. More information on the PRD policy and process is available at:
    • Using Internet Explorer, please access the PHR WOW (Warehouse on the Web) report for your unit(s) to identify staff employees who must have a final PRD evaluation for the current review cycle. Check out the WOW FAQs for detailed information. PHR Creators and Approvers with PHR WOW access may process the “PRD Report” located under the PHR Queries & Reports/Employees folder. Once the reports have finished processing, export the document to Excel. Complete the Excel spreadsheet by inserting a “1” (one) in to the correct rating column for each employee. If an employee on the report is no longer employed with you, place a “0” (zero) in the “Not Applicable” rating column; each employee on the list should have a “1” or a “0” in the appropriate column. Please do not use an “x”. If there is no rating reported for an individual employee, UHR will contact you to verify. For those not on the list, please add their names and ratings to the BOTTOM of the Excel spreadsheet.
    • Each PRD list for your unit(s) should be completed by the responsible unit administrator. Returning the PRD List to UHR is a confirmation that each employee has had a final PRD review meeting with the appropriate supervisor and the rating that is reported is accurate. The completed lists are due back to UHR by April 22, 2016. Please complete the PRD List and email the final document as an Excel spreadsheet to Cynthia Trombly Allen ( The data will be reported to the President and Cabinet.
  • Please use this opportunity to discuss professional development for the coming PRD review cycle. In addition to UHR’s classroom training offerings, UHR offers the e-learning library and, with over 9,300 users on our campus, the feedback from faculty and staff users has been outstanding. Work with your supervisees to explore the library and identify professional development topics to include in the 2016-2017 PRD development plan. Visit the Learning and Talent Development website or for more information.

Please contact Cynthia Trombly Allen at 301-405-5686 or with questions.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Last updated: April 4, 2019

Last updated: April 4, 2019