Contingent II Contractual Employees

A Contingent II Contractual employee is non-regular, has a written agreement (contract) for more than six months but no more than 12 consecutive months, is full time or on a part-time basis of 50% or more of full time employment, and is not seasonal or intermittent in nature.

Benefits Available to a Contingent II Contractual Employee include:

  • Medical
  • Prescription
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Mental Health
  • Personal Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Life Insurance – both State and University sponsored plans
  • Long Term Disability (per employment contract)
  • Tuition Remission (per employment contract)
  • Supplemental Retirement Plans

Contingent II employees are eligible to participate in the Benefits Plans outlined in their contract.  You may choose to enroll in one of the state health insurance plans within sixty (60) days of your employment date or during the next open enrollment period.

Contingent II employees may be eligible to receive a State/ University health care subsidy. The criteria for the subsidy is outlined below.

  • Contingent ll employees that regularly work less than 30 hours per week or 130 hours per month will pay the full (100%) cost of coverage.
  • Contingent ll employees that will regularly work 30 hours or more per week or 130 hours or more per month are eligible to receive a 75% subsidy of the total cost of medical and prescription coverage paid by the State/University.  You will be responsible for paying the remaining 25% of the total cost of medical and prescription coverage.  If you choose to enroll in dental coverage, personal accidental death and dismemberment insurance and/or group term life insurance, you will pay the  full (100%) cost of these premiums, plus the 25% cost of medical and prescription coverage.

Advantages of enrolling include:

  • No pre-existing conditions applied
  • Plan offers excellent benefits at an affordable, group discount price
  • Would not be able to purchase similar coverage at this price on your own
  • In the event your contract is terminated, you are eligible to continue coverage under COBRA

You may enroll in benefits by completing the Contractual Health Benefits Enrollment Form.  The form must be submitted to the Office of Employee Benefits within 60 days of your date of employment.  If you do not enroll within the first 60 days of hire, you cannot use your first contract renewal date to sign up for benefits.  You must wait until the next Open Enrollment.  When you renew your contract your department must notify the Office of Employee Benefits that you will be renewing your insurance coverage.  Ask your department to forward the appropriate renewal form with a copy of the new contract to the Office of Employee Benefits.

You can cover a spouse, child, same sex domestic partner and/or same sex domestic partner’s child on your health insurance.  Contact your department or the Office of Employee Benefits for information about appropriate dependent documentation.

Upon receiving your enrollment form, the State Employee Benefits Division in Baltimore will mail you a coupon sheet within 30 days.  Simply tear off a coupon and send it back with a check for your premium to the address shown on the coupon.  Your check must be received before the due date or you coverage could be cancelled.

Contact the Office of Employee Benefits at (301)405-5654 for additional information.