College Park Tuition Remission Guidelines

Tuition Remission Guidelines for Summer Sessions I and II 2019

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The Department of University Human Resources (UHR) Office of Employee Benefits is  accepting tuition remission forms for Summer Sessions I and II 2019.

Employee Tuition Remission

Faculty and staff employees must submit the electronic or paper Tuition Remission Request Form for themselves, as well as their spouses and dependents. Employees must have an active, approved appointment in PHR with a start date no later than May 28, 2019 for Summer Session I and July 8, 2019 for Summer Session II in order for the employee to be eligible for tuition remission.

  • Regular Status Full-Time Employees (100%):   Eight total credit hours for Summer Sessions I and II 2019, combined.
  • Regular Status Part-Time Employees (50% or more): Credit hours are prorated according to FTE.

If the applicant is requesting tuition remission for both summer sessions, TWO separate TR-Elf forms must be completed. 

The approved form(s) must be submitted through the TR-Elf electronic form system to the designated departmental TR-Elf approver by June 3, 2019 for Summer Session I and July 15, 2019 for Summer Session II. Forms received after the deadline will not be processed.

Spouse/Dependent Children Tuition Remission

Eligible spouse and dependent children will be entitled to 8 total credit hours for Summer Sessions I and II 2019, combined, with respect to the guidelines below.  

For employees hired:

  • Before January 1, 1990, the entitlement is for undergraduate or graduate courses at any USM institution.
  • On or after January 1, 1990, the entitlement is for undergraduate courses toward their first degree at the employee’s home institution when the employee has completed two years of employment. The two year anniversary must be reached prior to the start of the term or semester.  Spouses and dependent children may attend another institution of the USM with 50% tuition remission.

Tuition Remission Policy guidelines

Undergraduate programs with the Smith School of Business and Management, the Clark School of Engineering, and the Department of Computer Science have an additional differential tuition charge that will be covered by tuition remission for College Park employees, spouses, and eligible dependent children.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants with an active PHR appointment during Summer Session I or II 2019 who enroll in College Park classes will automatically receive tuition remission, provided that they are registered.  Tuition remission credit will automatically be applied to the Graduate Assistant’s student account at the time of course registration. 

Full-time graduate assistants may be entitled to receive up to 8 total credit hours and part-time graduate assistants may be entitled to receive up to 4 credit hours.  Credit hours are prorated according to FTE.

Graduate Level Courses

Tuition remission for all graduate level programs is credited at the prevailing standard in-state credit hour rate at the time the class is taken.   Enrollees in the following programs will be responsible for fees and the difference in tuition that exceeds the prevailing standard in-state credit hour rate for the maximum allowable credits per semester.  It is recommended that the student verify the tuition cost for all Masters Programs before enrolling.

College of Information Studies
Office of Advanced Engineering Education
Office of Extended Studies – Professional Programs
Real Estate Development
Robert H. Smith School of Business
School of Public Health
School of Public Policy

Tuition Remission Eligibility for Summer Sessions I and II 2019:

ApplicantSummer I & II (MAX)Special Notes
Graduate Assistant (Full-time, 20-hr, 50% FTE)8 credits combinedUMEI courses and Consortium Courses are not covered under tuition remission
Graduate Assistant (Part-time, 10-hr, 25% FTE)4 credits combinedUMEI courses and Consortium Courses are not covered under tuition remission
Regular Faculty/Staff (remission is pro-rated to employee’s % FTE on payroll; must have FTE>50%)8 credits combined, prorated to FTEEmployees will be taxed on graduate tuition remission exceeding $5,250 in a calendar year Exceptions with Supervisor’s certification from the Department Head (Certification Form)
Spouse/Dependents8 credits combined, prorated to employee’s FTEEmployees will be taxed on the entire graduate tuition remission in a calendar year
Contingent II Stated in the contractSee USM Policy VII-1.40, Policy on Contingent Employment
Contingent INot eligible

General Information

Pertinent information and access to the electronic (TR-Elf) form is available at

Spouse/dependent children with tuition remission entitlement and graduate assistants must pay all mandatory fees and tuition surcharge.  To avoid registration and billing problems, please inform affected employees who utilize spouse/dependent tuition remission.

Payment Due Dates

Forms should be submitted before the payment due date indicated on the student invoice issued by the office of the bursar to avoid late fees and/or cancellation of course(s).  The summer school class schedule lists payment due dates as follows:

If registered for Summer I and II 2019:Payment is due:
Payment Due Immediately upon registrationComplete waiver form indicating payment

Tuition Remission Forms for other USM Institutions

Each USM institution has specific policies and procedures for the tuition remission benefit.  Before submitting a tuition remission request for another USM institution, the applicant should contact the USM institution she/he wishes to attend to verify acceptance of fall term tuition remission and obtain any guidelines, procedures or restrictions on tuition remission that may exist at that institution.

Employees and/or eligible spouse/dependents attending another USM Institution must submit the USM Tuition Remission Request Form to the College Park UHR Office of Employee Benefits once the departmental approval has been issued.  The applicant must indicate on the form the campus s/he will be attending

Programs Excluded from the Tuition Remission Benefit

Certain programs offered at UMCP are excluded from the tuition remission benefit.  Such programs include the following:

  • UMEI courses
  • Math 0XX-Intermedial Mathematics Courses
  • Any course that is below the 100 level course number

Last updated: April 4, 2019