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Featured WOW reports

Probationary Status Report

This PHR report produces a report which displays data on nonexempt regular employees who are currently serving a period of probationary employment status. After you have made your Unit selection(s),

Funding Source Reports

This PHR WOW Report produces a series of reports that should be used for monitoring funding sources on Appointments and on Salary Additions. After processing finishes you will be taken

Appointment Approval Status Report

The Appointment Approval Status Report will identify all current appointments within each unit that have a Approval Status of either Approved, Changed/Not Released, Pending Approval, Sent Back, or Rejected. To

Retirement Selection Pending Report

This program produces a report which displays data on employees who are eligible for Retirement, but who have not yet selected a retirement plan. This report can be found in

3D’s Mailing List Report

This program produces a listing of all employees currently on the University Human Resources Dean’s, Director’s and Department Chair’s (3D’s) Mailing List. Employees must have a current, active, and approved

Bargaining Compensatory Time Report

“Comp Time” is paid time off from work earned at a premium rate by a nonexempt salaried employee in lieu of paid overtime. The maximum allowable compt time accumulation for

Contingent 2 Employees Conversion Report

This PHR report provides information regarding Contingent 2 Nonexempt and Exempt Employees who are eligible for conversion to regular nonexempt and exempt employment as well as those Contingent 2 Employees

Leave Earning Faculty Report

This PHR report produces a report which will return a listing of all Faculty who are eligible to earn leave. The listing is detailed by Unit, Name, UId, Title, Category

Faculty Leave Payout Indicator Report

This report should be used to verify that the Faculty Leave Payout Indicator field is set correctly for all leave earning faculty within your units. This field indicates whether a

Position Mgmt Report

The PHR Pos Mgmt Report program lists all currently active Positions by Department. Two Reports are produced. Occupied Positions Report – compares Position Management data with each position’s associated Appointment