Reviewing and Approving Exempt and Faculty Postings

Reviewing and Approving Exempt Postings

The posting begins with the Creator who moves the posting forward in the workflow for approval.  The Hiring Official and the Search Chair both have the ability to edit the Search and Selection Plan.  The Chair/Dept Approver, Dean/VP Approver, and Provost/President Approver do not have the ability to edit a posting.

To “Approve” and move a posting forward follow the instructions below.

  • To the right of your name verify you are logged in with the correct User Role (i.e. Hiring Official, Search Chair/Designee, Chair/Dept Approver) and change if necessary.  Be sure and click the refresh arrow to update your role
  • Locate the posting in your Inbox under the Postings tab
  • Click the Title to access the posting
  • The Summary tab allows you to view all information on one screen
  • To Approve and move the posting forward select Take Action on Action
  • From the display box select the next User in the Posting Workflow
  • A popup box will appear, if necessary select the Name of the next user, add any comments you wish to include and select Submit.  If sent successfully you will see a “green transition” message at the top of the screen

Posting Tab Descriptions

Settings – The Settings tab shows the location of the position on the organizational tree and its workflow settings.

History – The History tab shows a list of time-stamped events and changes made to this posting since it was created. Depending on your privileges, you may be able to add notes. The history opens to the Workflow and Notes page; the Data Changes page provides details.

Applicants – The Applicant tab displays all applicants (active and inactive) that have applied to the posting and received a confirmation number

Reports –  The Reports tab display the Applicant Reports and EEO reports that are accessible by the Search Chair/Designee and Equity Administrator

Hiring Proposals – The Hiring Proposal tab displays any HP’s that have been created/approved for the posting

Associated Position – The Associated Position tab displays the position information that the posting was created from

See how Posting looks to Applicant – Follow this link to preview the posting the way it will appear on the applicant portal.

Print Preview (Applicant View) – Follow this link to preview a printable view of the posting as it will appear on the applicant portal. This view is suitable for posting on a public bulletin board, for example.

Print Preview – Follow this link to preview a printable view of the complete posting. This view includes information that would not be available to applicants.


Last updated: April 4, 2019

Last updated: April 4, 2019