Hiring Freeze Information

All faculty and staff hired for state funded positions (partially or fully) require a hiring Freeze exception form with approval from your Vice President.  Requests to hire must be processed electronically through ELF using the Hiring Freeze Exception Request.  Postings should not be created until the Hiring Freeze Exception from has been approved.  Any questions should be directed to the eTerp User Support Office on x5-5600.

Additional Fields Added to eTerp:

Position Management

The question “Is this a State Funded position (partially or fully funded?” has been added to the Position Information tab as a required field.  The question is a required field and will be editable by the Creator when creating a new position or modifying an existing position.

 Applicant Tracking

A field labeled “Elf Approval ID Number” had been added to the Position Details tab for Nonexempt, Exempt, and Faculty postings.  Creators should enter the Hiring Freeze Exception approval ID in this field when creating a new posting.

Last updated: October 15, 2015

Last updated: October 15, 2015