New Waiver of Search Procedures

In University Human Resource’s continuous effort to enhance and improve the eTerp2 system, we are pleased to announce a significant change to the Search Waiver process.   To expedite the process in eTerp2 the following changes have been made.

Nonexempt and Exempt Waivers of Search

Effectively immediately, requests to waive a search for a nonexempt or exempt position will no longer require a separate action.  Instead, the Waiver of Search has been incorporated into the Create New and Modify Existing position actions. The Equity Administrator role has been added to both the nonexempt and exempt workflows in order to review the Waiver of Search requests.  Once the Waiver of Search is approved, UHR will seat the employee in eTerp2 eliminating the need for a quicklink.  Applicant documents (i.e. Resume) can now be attached under the Supplemental Documents.

Step by step instructions are available for requesting an Exempt Waiver of Search or Nonexempt Waiver of Search

Last updated: October 15, 2015

Last updated: October 15, 2015