Advantages and Disadvantages

Licensed Family Day Care Homes

(Costs between $30 a day to $350 a week full time)
The child care service takes place in someone else’s home and provides an informal home setting. The provider is licensed by the state or city in which he or she resides. The age of the children range from infants to 12 years old. Many home providers offer before and after school child care for school age children. Hours will vary from provider to provider. This type of care may be more convenient for parents in suburban and rural areas, for those with unusual schedules and for those with a child with special needs. The fees vary for this type of child care run depending on age of child, hours and what the market fees are in a particular neighborhood.


  • This form of care is the most consistent form. Most family day care providers continue delivering care for many years
  • The caregiver has been inspected by an agent of the state, county, or city child care licensing agency
  • The caregiver may have been given a criminal police check
  • The child interacts in a small group of children his/her own age or varying ages
  • The child learns many skills from older children
  • The child learns to be empathetic towards younger children


  • The group may be too large for infants and toddlers
  • The child may not get enough attention
  • The child cannot attend when mildly ill or ill

Last updated: July 8, 2014

Last updated: July 8, 2014