FAQs / If an employee transfers units what do I need to do with the I-9?

Employees who are working at the university prior to March 5, 2017, who already have paper I-9 on file, will create historical I-9.  A Historical I-9 is a paper I-9 form that was completed prior to the implementation of the online system thereby, the information from the paper I-9 is entered into the electronic system with the same information.  By entering the information from the paper form into the system it is now considered a Historical I-9. Employees with a historical I-9 will not be E-verified because they are not considered new employees to the university. This option will appear after creating a profile for the employee in the Electronic system. Once the profile is created, the employee will click Save/Create I-9 and proceed to Create Historical I-9 Form.

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