When do I need to turn in my benefits enrollment form?

You must enroll in the benefit plans within 60 days from your date of hire. After 60 days you may only enroll during the open enrollment period. The plan year is January 1 to December 31, so after the initial 60 days of employment, your coverage would not begin until January 1. It is recommended that you enroll within your first week of employment. Enrollment forms are available from your departmental benefits coordinator or here.

When will my benefits coverage be effective?

The State of Maryland Employee Benefits Division processes enrollment forms for one effective date of coverage during the month. The effective date is the 1st day of the month following your date if hire, if you are hired the 2nd through the end of any month. The exception is if you are hired on the 1st of the month. Then your effective date will be the 1st of the month that you are hired.

Your effective date will be activated when the first deduction appears on your pay advice. The first deduction occurs after forms are submitted and depend on when the submission time falls within a processing cycle. It usually takes 2 to 3 pay periods for the first deduction to occur.  Then, your coverage will be retroactive to your effective date by paying mandatory premiums from your effective date to the date of your first payroll deduction. This is referred to as a retroactive adjustment.

How does the retroactive adjustment process work?

A retroactive adjustment is the direct payment of premiums to the State of Maryland that would be owed from your first payroll deduction to the actual effective date that your coverage begins. The amount owed for the adjustment is calculated by the State of Maryland Employee Benefits Division and you will be billed by them for the retroactive amount.

When will I receive my insurance cards?

You will receive your insurance cards in 7 to 10 business days from your first deduction.

How do I obtain my vision benefits?

The vision plan is incorporated as part of each medical plan. Participating service providers may file your claim directly with the plan. If the service provider cannot file the claim directly, you can file the claim by completing a form obtained from your specific vendor via their web site or by calling their customer service line. The vendor’s web sites may also be accessed through the benefits page of the University Human Resources web site.

When can I enroll in Unum Long Term Disability insurance?

You may enroll in long term disability anytime during the year. However, for new employees, it is recommended that you enroll within the first 60 days of your date of hire. There is no evidence of insurability required during your initial enrollment period. Anytime after your initial 60 days of employment, an Evidence of Insurability form must be submitted with your enrollment form. These forms are available at uhr.umd.edu by going to “Forms”, clicking on the Benefits dropdown box, and scrolling to the Life and Disability section to Unum Enrollment.

What is the difference between Securian and Unum Life insurance?

The University offers two life insurance plans. The Securian Life Insurance plan is a term life insurance plan offered through the State of Maryland. You may enroll in this plan by selecting it on the State of Maryland Active and Satellite Employees Enrollment Form within the first 60 days of your employment, or during the open enrollment period held each year. This plan is not portable if you leave the University. The Unum Life Insurance plan is a University System of Maryland term life insurance plan. Like the Unum Long Term Disability plan, you may enroll anytime during the year. However, after your initial 60 days of employment, you must submit an Evidence of Insurability form along with the enrollment form. The forms are available on the University Human Resources web site. This plan is portable if you leave the University. If you currently are enrolled in both plans, they are identified on your earnings statement as “TERM LIFE INS” (Securian) or “GROUP LIF INS” (Unum).

What is the deadline for filing for reimbursement for the Health or Dependent Care flexible spending accounts?

The deadline for filing reimbursement claims for expenses incurred during the plan year (January 1 to December 31) is April 15 of the following year. Due to a change in IRS regulations regarding flexible spending accounts, you may file for reimbursement of expenses incurred for the Healthcare FSA up to March 15 of each following year using funds that are deducted in either the previous plan year ending December 31 or the new plan year that begins on January 1. For the Dependent Day Care FSA, however, reimbursement of expenses incurred may be filed until December 31. Claim forms and flexible spending account information is available on the benefits page of the University Human Resources web site.

I am a 12 month employee enrolled in the Optional Retirement Program. Why don’t I receive contributions during the summer?

Contributions to the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) occur 20 times a year during the first twelve pays from January to June and the last eight pays from September to December. The contributions are adjusted using a formula so that you receive an annual 7.25% contribution as specified in the program.

How do I start or change a Supplemental Retirement Annuity deduction?

To start a Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) deduction you must choose a vendor [Fidelity Investments, Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plans, or TIAA-CREF] and a plan type [403(b), 457(b), or 401(k) (through MSRP only)] and complete an enrollment package consisting of a vendor enrollment form, USM Salary Reduction Agreement and USM Deduction Authorization form. The completed forms should be submitted to the UHR Office of Employee Benefits for processing. To change a deduction amount, go to the “Forms”, click on the benefits dropdown box, and scroll down to Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) forms on the University Human Resources web site (uhr.umd.edu) and select and print the specific form by vendor and plan.

Both the USM Salary Reduction Agreement and USM Deduction Authorization form will print. Complete both forms and forward them to the University Office of Employee Benefits Employee Benefits. The Payroll Agency Code for UMD is 360222. Deductions are taken according to your pay schedule (i.e., 22 or 26 pay periods), so it is important to keep this in mind when calculating deduction amounts to reach your contribution goal for the year. Please contact the UHR Office of Employee Benefits at 301-405-7575 for assistance in completing the forms.

Where is the UHR Office Employee Benefits located and where can I park?

The Employee Benefits Office is located in Room 1101 of the Chesapeake Building (#338). The building is on the north end of the campus, off of Paint Branch Drive, between University Boulevard and the Xfinity Center. Parking is available for University permit holders in lot P1 (at the top of the hill on Terrapin Trail) or in lot P2 in the back of the building. Parking meters are available for non-permit holders in lot P2.  Do not park in lot NN or you will be ticketed. For further assistance, please call the Employee Benefits Office at 301-405-7575.