Employment & Compensation

What are the differences between exempt and nonexempt positions?

Nonexempt positions are subject to the minimum wage and overtime pay provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. At the university, this includes all of our maintenance, office, service, and technical/para-professional staff. Nonexempt employees must be paid overtime for hours worked that exceed 40 hours in the standard workweek; for University of Maryland nonexempt staff, this includes all time in a pay status during the standard workweek (including paid leave).

Exempt positions are salaried positions that are not subject to the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (i.e., executive, managerial, and professional). Exempt employees are expected to work the hours necessary to complete assignments on a schedule that satisfies the requirements of the job, typically a minimum of 80 hours in a bi-weekly pay period for a full-time employee. Exempt employees are not eligible to receive overtime.

How do I apply for a position on campus?

To be considered for any of the current vacancies available at the University of Maryland College Park you must apply online. Nonexempt positions require applicants to complete a general application on line. The required documents for Exempt and Faculty vacancies can vary from position to position typically requiring a resume or cv, cover letter, and a listing of references. You must apply to each individual position that you wish to be considered for and only those applicants who apply online through the applicant tracking system will be considered for employment.

What happens after I apply?

The screening process may begin for some positions immediately or once the position closes to determine whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications for the position. If you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be certified to compete for the vacancy. The department/search committee will determine which applicants they wish to interview and will contact you directly.

Who determines what my job title should be and how much I should be paid?

The Classification Analysts in University Human Resources decide which job titles are appropriate for each job. This decision is based on all information contained within the Position Description Form. The information in that form, coupled with conversations with the supervisor of the position help the analyst to make this determination. For exempt positions, the analyst also establishes the appropriate range of pay based on market data.

I don’t think I am properly classified. How can I get my job reviewed? I think I should be at a higher grade.

If you think that you are not appropriately classified, you should bring the matter to the attention of your immediate supervisor. Using your old position description, begin the process by completing a new position description which will be entered into the university’s online Human Resources System in your unit. Be sure to clearly emphasize the changes you believe have occurred in the position. After your supervisor has completed his/her review of the position description form (PDF), it should be submitted electronically to the Department Head, Dean, or Designee for routing to University Human Resources. A University Human Resources Classification Specialist will review the PDF and determine whether the position is appropriately classified.