Leave Usage

Am I supposed to use FML leave every time I do not feel well enough to work?

Unless complications arise, conditions such as the common cold, ear aches, upset stomach, minor ulcers, headaches other than migraine etc…, are not considered serious health conditions under the FMLA.

Do I have to use FML leave if I am absent for three (3) or more days for my own illness or injury?

Not necessarily.  However, if the reason for the absence qualifies as a serious health condition it should be designated as FML leave.

Why do I have to report leave taken for an FML-qualifying reason if I have enough sick leave to cover my absence?

FML leave provides job and health benefit protections and runs concurrent with the use of your accrued/paid leave.  If the reason for your absence qualifies under the FML, it should be reported and tracked as FML leave even if you have enough accrued sick leave to cover your absence.

I sometimes need to take unscheduled time off work for a few minutes or a few hours at a time because of a medical condition. Should I be using FML leave?

You should be using FML leave if you are taking time off work due to a medical condition, such as a chronic health condition, that requires you to take leave intermittently for scheduled treatment and/or unscheduled leave due to episodic flare-ups.

Does an employee have to take FML leave all at once, or can it be taken periodically?

When it is medically necessary due to the employee or immediate family member’s serious health condition, eligible employees shall be entitled to take scheduled and/or unscheduled intermittent FML leave in separate blocks of time.  Employees must follow all department call-in procedures when requesting unscheduled leave and provide as much notice as possible when requesting leave for scheduled appointments.  Employees must also specifically state that their request is for FML-approved leave.

Can an employee take FML leave when they are working a reduced schedule?

When medically necessary, eligible employees shall be entitled to take FML leave when a physician recommends a reduction in hours worked per day or workweek.

Can the University change an employee’s job when they take intermittent or reduced schedule FML leave?

The University may temporarily reassign an employee on intermittent or reduced schedule FML leave to an alternative position with equivalent pay and benefits that better accommodates a reduced work schedule or intermittent periods of FML leave.

Can I use my sick leave while taking FML leave to care for/bond with my newborn or adopted/foster placed child?

No, time off work to care for/bond with your newborn or adopted/foster placed child is not medical in nature; therefore, you are limited to using your annual, personal, and/or compensatory leave.