Appointment Approval Status Report

The Appointment Approval Status Report will identify all current appointments within each unit that have a Approval Status of either Approved, Changed/Not Released, Pending Approval, Sent Back, or Rejected.

  • To run, first select the Department(s), Population(s), and Approval Status(es) you wish to appear on the Report. The Department and Population criteria default to select ALL of those displayed in their respective boxes; you may narrow the range by highlighting only certain ones of each.
  • After you have made the required selections, hit the PROCESS button. If you want to PROCESS a second time, be sure to hit the CLEAR button before setting your next set of selection criteria.
  • Once processing has finished, you will be brought to the Report. For further assistance please see the Help page.

This report can be found in the Appointment Reports folder in the PHR Queries & Reports folder on WOW.

Appointment approval status report

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Last updated: July 16, 2014

Last updated: July 16, 2014