Faculty Leave Payout Indicator Report

This report should be used to verify that the Faculty Leave Payout Indicator field is set correctly for all leave earning faculty within your units. This field indicates whether a faculty member is eligible for payout of annual leave should they terminate employment at the university. The faculty leave payout indicator is displayed on the PHR Appointment screen as a question, “Is this appointment eligible for Annual Leave Payout?”, for all faculty appointments within Cat Stats 01, 02, 03, 15, and 25. This field is set to “Y”(Yes) by the system, but PHR creators can update this field to “N” (No) for any appointments that are not eligible for final leave payout of annual leave. The detail results are sorted by Appointment Unit and include Name, UId, Title, Category Status Code, PHR Appt Internal ID, and Faculty Leave Payout Indicator.

  • It is critical that this field is set correctly to ensure accurate final leave payout information. In addition, this field is used in determining estimated leave liability amounts for the fiscal year end reporting.
  • After you have made your Department selections, hit the PROCESS button. When processing finishes, you will be taken directly to the Faculty Leave Payout Indicator Report.

This report can be found in the Faculty Reports folder in the PHR Queries & Reports folder on WOW.

Faculty leave payout indicator

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Last updated: July 16, 2014

Last updated: July 16, 2014