Leave Usage Report

The PHR Leave Usage Report should be used to obtain leave data on employees with a current leave-earning appointment in PHR (i.e., all Exempt and Nonexempt, Regular and Contingent 2 employees).

  • After making your Department and Population selections, please choose the Fiscal Year and Pay Period for the time period you wish to view. Next, please choose which type(s) of leave you want to appear on your report. After processing the query, you will be taken directly to the Report.
  • It is suggested that you run this report at the close of time entry for each pay period.

Please Note: Fiscal Year 2002, Pay Period 04 is the first entry for leave in PHR.

This report can be found in the Employee Reports folder in the PHR Queries & Reports folder on WOW.

Leave usage report

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Last updated: May 3, 2016

Last updated: May 3, 2016