PHR Reporting Tool

Information Services has decided to use Jaspersoft as the future platform for PHR reports since the Division of IT will be decommissioning the WOW system in August 2018. Jaspersoft is the same software used by the Office of the Comptroller for KFS Financial reports. The new Jaspersoft platform features benefits not offered in WOW such as:

  • it can be used with any web browser
  • it can be used with any view/zoom setting within the web browser
  • reports can be exported into various file formats, including MS Excel (.xlsx  or .xls), Word (.docx), Power Point (.pptx), comma separated (.csv), portable document (.pdf), and rich text (.rtf)

The new PHR reports are currently being re-developed in Jaspersoft and will be available before WOW is decommissioned.

Further information can be found: UHR Initiatives.

Last updated: November 30, 2018

Last updated: November 30, 2018