Health Center Services

During the academic year, visitors are not routinely seen at the University Health Center. (Notable exceptions are visitors who are seen in Acupuncture, Massage, and the Travel and Immunization Clinics throughout the year.) In an emergency, the Health Center will assist as needed to stabilize the visitor and transfer him/her to the emergency department at a nearby hospital. Visitors will be encouraged to seek follow-up care with a Provider in the community. The Health Center staff can provide a resource list to assist any visitor, new to the area. Brief, self-limiting conditions may be treated completely at the Health Center, e.g. wound checks.

Visitors who call for any appointment concerning a non urgent condition will be referred to private medical providers or other medical facilities in the community. Visitors, who walk in with a brief, self-limiting condition, can be seen. If the condition warrants continuous care, the visitor may be given referrals to Primary Care providers or walk-in clinics in the area.

Visitors and non-student members of the campus community will be charged a $50.00 visitor fee at the time of visit. This fee does not include laboratory, x-ray, pharmacy services, or other additional services that may be needed. The staff person registering a visitor will make a copy of the photo ID; verify an address; and instruct the visitor to pay the visitor fee at the pharmacy. When additional services are needed, the provider will code for such services in PyraMed and have the visitor prepay for them. The visitor must then show a payment receipt to the department where additional services will be performed, e.g. lab, x-ray. In cases of emergency (such as chest pain where the patient will be transported by ambulance to the hospital), the visitor may be billed for services. All attempts will be made to photocopy a picture ID and verify the address and phone number.

When the pharmacy is closed (evenings/weekends), students or visitors wanting to pay will give their payment to a nurse in Urgent Care. The nurse in Urgent Care must complete the Health Center billing form. It is important that all fields be completed (Name, UMID, Date, amount due, date paid, amount paid, payment method-if by credit card, specify whether VISA or MasterCard and the expiration date). The credit card holder must sign the form where indicated. The nurse must sign her name on the Received by line. The nurse keeps the white copy and the yellow copy goes to the patient. The nurse then places the white copy with the payment in an envelope for the pharmacy marked Pharmacy payment. More than one payment can be placed in this envelope.

An exception to the visitor rule occurs when summer camps and special programs have made prior arrangements with the Health Center to provide medical care to participants. In this case, the home address should be verified and entered into PyraMed, so that the participant can be billed.

Another exception occurs during the summer months and the winter break. Due to the many random visitors on campus and the lower service demand from students, the UHC staff may provide episodic medical care.

The campus community will be encouraged to pay at the time of visit but may be billed if necessary.

Last updated: June 25, 2013