Completing Your Self-Assessment

As we approach the time for completing UMD’s annual employee Performance Review & Development (PRD) process, it is important for all staff employees to complete their Employee Self-Assessment (ESA).  The ESA is your opportunity to highlight your successes over the past 12-month review period, and to provide feedback to your supervisor regarding your job performance.  Below are a few tips that will help you to get started:

Plan Ahead

Mark your calendar with important dates and the deadlines.  Complete your ESA at least a week before it is due to your supervisor.  Do not wait until the last minute.

Be Prepared

Before jumping into your ESA, take some time to review each question and think about your responses.  The ESA should reflect your work and overall job performance during the 12-month performance measurement cycle, which is April through March of each year.  If you have been in your position for less than one year, complete the ESA and include your goals for the upcoming PRD cycle.

Review Relevant Documents First

  1. Position Description – How do you rate your performance in each of the duties and functions stated in your position description? Are there any areas you plan on improving in the next performance cycle? Do you need any resources and/or support from your supervisor? Did you attend or present training in any topic areas? Did you receive recognition for outstanding performance?
  2. Past PRDs – Look at your past PRDs and describe how much you have grown and developed in the past year. If you are in the same job, how was your performance different during the past 12 months than from your previous PRD?
  3. PRD Midway Feedback – Look at the progress you have made during the past 6 months based on feedback received during your Midway review. Include your observations on your ESA.

Do Not Ignore Counseling or Disciplinary Actions

If you have received counseling, or formal discipline from your supervisor, do not ignore it on your ESA.  Take ownership of what occurred and talk about the steps/actions you have and are taking to improve.

Think About Career Development

Use the ESA to discuss opportunities for your professional development, such as taking on new tasks or attending training sessions/programs.  Remember you play a major role in your development and creating your career path.

Brag About Yourself

Many people find it hard to talk about themselves and their contributions to the team or department.  If that describes you, then this is one of the occasions when you should put those feelings aside.  Identify significant projects and challenging tasks you successfully completed during the past 12 months and other achievements that reflect your work.  This may be additional information you include in your ESA.

These are just a few tips to help you complete your ESA.  Please go to the PRD page on the UHR website: for more detailed information.

Check out our 2016 Calendar of Professional Development Opportunities:

And you can be one of the 9,300 people on campus using and you can view a brief video (approximately 15 minutes) called Preparing for Your Review .  This video provides other helpful suggestions to engage in a productive meeting with your supervisor during your upcoming PRD meeting.

Last updated: March 16, 2017

Last updated: March 16, 2017