EDI Launch

In August, University Human Resources employees helped to pilot the Foundations of Excellence:  Employee Development Initiatives (EDI).  Employees from across UHR participated in the two-day program aimed at fostering teamwork and collaboration, enhancing customer service, developing effective communication strategies, resolving conflict successfully, and increasing trust.  Facilitated by Art Dwight and Angela Jackson, UHR, Learning & Talent Development, the goals included helping colleagues to develop rapport and foster improved partnerships across the department and our campus.

Participants gained valuable skills, including:

  • Understanding the keys to a positive work environment
  • Building trust in any relationship (up, down, and across)
  • Utilizing effective communication skills to solve almost any problem
  • Providing extraordinary customer service (what is it –and– how we can deliver it)

This training featured essential content, interactive learning activities, and opportunities to practice newly acquired skills with facilitated coaching and peer-to-peer feedback.  Employees were also assigned to cross-functional UHR Task Force groups to identify challenges specific to their role and responsibilities and strategies to address internal and external customer service issues.

The following colleagues were a part of the EDI inaugural class of graduates and received a certificate upon completion of the program.  Congratulations!

This October, Learning & Talent Development is pleased to announce the launch of the new series, Employee Development Initiative: Foundations of Excellence, for all university employees (non-supervisors).  Creating an Engaged & Inclusive Work Environment is the first program from this new initiative.  This series will feature will feature many of the same development tools offered in LDI (Leadership Development Initiatives), but the EDI series will focus more on the specific skills and knowledge that will help staff grow in their current positions and careers.
Some of the benefits participants will experience include:

  • High-trust relationships with supervisors, coworkers, friends, and family
  • Ability to resolve conflicts and reduce stress
  • Better time management, planning, and organizational skills
  • Higher job satisfaction and engagement
  • A path for growth and development
The learning fee is $50 per course.

Each course must be registered for individually.

To register, visit: training.umd.edu


Last updated: March 16, 2017

Last updated: March 16, 2017