eTerp2 is Live

We are pleased to announce that eTerp2 is LIVE. This is a major upgrade to the system the campus uses to manage the creation and modification of staff positions, to post faculty and staff vacancies, and as the technology solution that enables the work of our search committees. The initial version of eTerp has been used by the campus for three years, and that has provided our team with tremendous experience to guide our efforts as we embarked on the system upgrade project.  The past 18 months have involved extensive outreach to our communities of users to gather feedback and share information as we partnered with the vendor to make major enhancements in functionality and user experience. Among the major enhancements in eTerp2:


  • Users will have an inbox containing all active items assigned to them. This will
    eliminate the need for users to search for pending actions; everything will be right there.

Watch List:

  • Users will have a “watch list” which contains items they have requested to follow throughout the eTerp process; once again, users don’t have to delve into the system to find the status of a particular item.

Streamlined Work Flows: eTerp2 allowed us more flexibility with our workflows while still adhering to our Search and Selection Guidelines. Some of the workflow changes for eTerp2 include:

  • Reducing the number of choices that each role has within the workflow
  • Shifting the workflow process for postings to the applicant tracking
  • Adding workflows to request and change faculty positions within eTerp2
  • Adding separate workflows for search waivers

Please be advised that for the next 12 months we will be using the applicant tracking site in both eTerp1 and eTerp2 simultaneously. This will allow for current searches to finish in the old system with no interruption to the search process or for the applicants. All jobs that were posted on or before March 1, 2013 will continue in eTerp1, and Search Chairs, Committee Members and HR Reps will continue to complete their searches in that system.  In addition, all existing Hiring Proposals (pending, approved, cancelled, etc.) will remain in eTerp1. Users with approved eTerp1 security in the PHR system will transition to the appropriate roles in eTerp2, and therefore no action is necessary for current users. Search Chair/Designees for postings on or before March 1 will remain in eTerp1 to complete their searches. For Search Chair/Designees in eTerp2, the initial access
will need to be established by contacting the eTerp Service Center. Applicants interested in positions posted on or before March 1 will apply in eTerp1.  For positions posted after March1, applicants will have to create a new account with application material in eTerp2 to apply.

  • For campus users to access eTerp2, the URL is:
  • For applicants to view and apply for positions, the URL is:

The eTerp team has developed resources to assist with the transition to the new system. They are available on the UHR website at: Many users of the system have already had training, but for those who haven’t, they are encouraged to sign-up at: In addition, eTerp Service Center staff are available to help.

Please contact them at (301) 405-5600, or e-mail them at: I would like to thank the many members of our campus who have contributed to this important efficiency and effectiveness initiative!

Dale O. Anderson
Director, University Human Resources
March 4, 2013

Last updated: April 4, 2019

Last updated: April 4, 2019