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An Employee Designee Affiliate is an individual that is designated by a University of Maryland, College Park employee to receive campus-based privileges in accordance with the guidelines of the University Policy VI-27.00(A) University of Maryland Policy on Access to Campus-Based Privileges and University Policy VII-4.51(A) University of Maryland Policy on Access to Campus-Based Privileges for Graduate Assistants, Graduate Fellowship Recipients, and Postdoctoral Fellows.

Who Can Request an Employee Designee?

Each Regular employee, Contingent II staff (if specified in contract), graduate assistant, graduate fellowship recipient, and postdoctoral fellow of the University of Maryland College Park may designate one qualified person in addition to themselves who shall be eligible for campus-based privileges.

Who Qualifies as an Employee Designee?

To qualify for designation as a person eligible to receive campus-based privileges, an individual must be at least 18 years old, reside continuously with the employee, and not be in a landlord-tenant relationship with the employee. A person is qualified only so long as he or she continues to reside with the employee. Examples of such individual include spouses, domestic partners and adult children of employees.

Which Campus-Based Privileges Are Available to Employee Designees?

The campus-based privileges for which a qualified designated person may currently be granted access are:

  • Use of University libraries
  • Access to University Health Center Services (Note: Health Care plans are State of Maryland programs and not campus-based programs)
  • Access to Counseling Center
  • Access to the Campus Recreation Center at the sponsored membership rate
  • Priority access to the waitlist at the Center for Young Children for children of the employee and the designated individual
  • Access to University Golf Course at the faculty/staff membership rate
  • Access to Shuttle-UM

Procedures to Set Up Services

Before a designated individual can receive campus-based privileges, the UMCP employee must have their designated person established in the campus Affiliates System by UHR. Once the Employee Designee is entered into the system, the service offices will then have the access to verify eligibility for services. The procedures to “set up” an Employee Designee are as follows:

The Employee must complete a Request for Employee Designee Affiliate form. On the request form, the employee must attest that they are in compliance with the Campus-Based Privileges Policy. The completed form should be mailed to the UHR Information Services Office, Chesapeake Building, Room 1100A, College Park, Maryland 20742.

After the record is established in the Affiliate System, the Employee Designee will be eligible for services identified in this policy. However, in order to begin receiving the Campus-Based Privileges, the Employee Designee will need to follow instructions listed on the UHR website for each service area.

Last updated: August 3, 2017

Last updated: August 3, 2017