LDI II Launches This Fall

Since the return of the Leadership Development Initiative’s (LDI) program in October 2014, nearly two hundred employees have attended courses and eighty-nine participants have completed the Foundations of Leadership certification program. The highly-interactive program equips supervisors with the skills to improve communication, build trust, delegate effectively, and improve organizational morale and performance.

“I felt that the LDI Track I course was one of the best things I have ever participated in for my professional development and I am excited to implement the things I have learned with my team.”- Michelle Pridmore

The Foundations of Leadership series will continue in the fall and we are now thrilled to announce that another leadership series,     LDI- Track II Transformational Leadership, is launching this September.

Transformational Leadership, a two-day cohort program, is designed for supervisors with more than five years’ experience or for current supervisors who have completed LDI I. This exciting, highly-participative program is being offered three times this fall, and is intended for leaders who are genuinely committed to personal and organizational change.

Some of the topics covered in the program include leading change, managing up, down & across, strategic planning and coaching for performance.  We will also engage in personal transformation skills that emphasize renewal, ownership and personal integrity.

“Being a part of the LDI sessions was such an amazing and eye opening experience.” —Brittany Humphries

Both Foundations of Leadership and Transformational Leadership programs are currently available for registration at the University’s training website: www.training.umd.edu.  The schedule is found here on the right.

Note: For Foundations of Leadership, each course must be registered for individually.

LDI I – Foundations of Leadership

($50 fee for each course)

Course Dates
Keys to a Positive Workplace Sept 22
Communication Essentials Sept 29
Conflict Resolution Oct 6
Effective Delegation Oct 14
Planning & Execution Oct 20
Performance Conversations Oct 27


LDI II – Transformational Leadership

($350 fee includes both days and lunch and snacks.)

Course Dates
Transformational Leadership Sept 24-25
Transformational Leadership Oct 22-23
Transformational Leadership Dec 9-10

Last updated: March 16, 2017

Last updated: March 16, 2017