Learning & Training Partners Community

A new community has formed to facilitate information and resource sharing, as well as collaboration among training professionals across the university.  The Learning & Training Partners community uses the Human Resources Partner model initiated by Jewel Washington, Assistant Vice President of University Human Resources.  Namrata Ram-Andriessens, Assistant Director for Learning & Talent Development in UHR, leads the L&T Partner group.  Additionally, there are two partners groups that formed in 2015, which encourage collaboration between UHR and HR officers throughout the campus, HR Service Partners and HR Service Representatives.

The L&T Partners held their first meeting in mid-December with 40 attendees representing all six Divisions.  During the first meeting, L&T Partners networked, shared their collective expertise and discussed the goals & purpose of this group. Participants watched and discussed “Collective Genius: The Art & Practice of Leading Innovation,” a TED Talk by Linda Hill of Harvard Business School.  They were then led in a discussion and brainstormed ways to drive professional and personal development for employees and improve learning and training processes.

The L&T Partner Goals are to:

  • Innovate and contribute to development and implementation of new learning and training initiatives
  • Serve as channel of communication to and from staff, faculty, and leadership in regards to learning and training
  • Collaborate on learning and training implementations pertaining to your unit
  • Network, discuss, and benchmark learning and training practices to gain institutional insight into talent and professional development of staff and faculty

The L&T Partners held their second meeting on February 15 and reviewed survey findings about the varied aspects of training and development that are facilitated by its members. Ms. Ram-Andriessens led the meeting and encouraged members to consider the findings when identifying ways to collaborate on training.  Art Dwight, Learning & Talent Development Consultant, shared resources including a sample Training Completion Certificate and a Facilitator Manual template.  A video from Lynda.com highlighted “Sharpening Your Presentation Skills,” which was followed by discussion led by Angela Jackson, Learning & Talent Development Specialist. Updates were given by Kim Colbert, Director of Information Services & Compensation for UHR and Deborah Mateik, Director, DIT-ATI-Learning Technology Strategy about the Enterprise Learning Management System.  Cyn Trombly Allen, Learning & Talent Development Consultant, provided information about UHR Course Offerings.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this group, contact Namrata Ram-Andriessens or Lauren Pazornick at 301-405-5651.

Last updated: March 16, 2017

Last updated: March 16, 2017