Looking for child care?

The University has partnered with the Maryland Family Network to bring an enhanced offering of its LOCATE: Child Care service.

To receive the most comprehensive, thorough, and personalized service, please contact us at 1.800.999.0120. When you call, a trained LOCATE: Child Care referral specialist will help you select the best child care option for your family. Safe and reliable child care is only a phone call away.  You will need to provide your UID number.

When a parent calls LOCATE for information on child care, a counselor may:

  • Discuss child care preferences such as type of care, preferred location, cost, and other important factors.
  • Discuss whether the child may have a particular need such as mobility problems, behavior or disability and any unique modification required.
  • Explain the options and child care classes.
  • Call providers or programs to identify places for family and facilitate communication between family and provider.
  • Give current information on early childhood education and find quality child care providers available in the community.
  • Refer families to financial resources for state subsidies such as Child Care Credit, Earned Income, etc.
  • Help find other agencies or related services, such as health agencies, feeding programs (including babies and mothers), programs for unemployed, parent support groups, mental health agencies, etc.

Children with special needs

All children are entitled to quality child care, and it is the parent’s right to make an informed decision concerning their child care needs. Maryland Family Network offers the LOCATE: Child Care Special Needs Service.

servicio de españoles-familias de habla

Maryland Family Network ofrece la Localice servicio de cuidado de niños para los españoles-familiar de habla. Si necesita hablar con un especialista de referencia de habla hispan

Last updated: July 3, 2018

Last updated: July 3, 2018