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1 million workers miss workOften when considering health and development in the workplace, we discuss learning new skills or abilities and engaging in a wellness initiative to do our best to keep our career paths solid and our bodies healthy.  But, when was the last time you discussed workplace mental and emotional health with your supervisor or peers?  You may have let peers know that you were stepping out of the office for a 5-minute walk around the building to clear your head and refocus.  Perhaps you mentioned that you were getting a massage after work to help de-stress and relax.  Let’s take it a step further – have you and your supervisor ever discussed any actions or changes you think you may need to make to take better care of yourself at work, mentally, and emotionally?

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If the once-in-a-while stress becomes once-a-week, and then daily stress, it may be the right time to plan a vacation or a long weekend to give you an opportunity to regroup and reconnect with family and friends.  If you have noticed that you always work through lunch only leaving to run to a meeting across campus, it may be time to discuss your workload with your supervisor and ask for help in setting priorities and managing deadlines. If your colleagues have asked why you skip the departmental luncheons, celebrations, and other social events you used to excitedly coordinate to stay in your office with the door closed, there may be something more going on that an extra Friday out of the office or a massage after work won’t solve.

Our campus has many resources to help you to assess your needs and navigate any next steps you may want or need to take to get healthy.  The Faculty Staff Assistance Program at the University Health Center is a good place to start.  If you would prefer to check-in with someone off campus, review the mental health services you can receive in the university’s Benefits Guide and find a service provider that will work best with you by searching the databases provided:

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Last updated: August 3, 2017

Last updated: August 3, 2017