PRD Task Force

One of the outcomes of the Thriving Workplace Initiative is the recognition that our performance feedback system needs review and possible replacement or tweaking.

A task force has been created to begin work now and will continue working throughout the remainder of the academic year.  Its charge is to provide a brief report and series of recommendations that will be passed on to the President and to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

The task force has been charged to

  1. Review best practices and current research on the subject of performance feedback.
  2. Collect information from a wide cross-section of the campus on what they desire and need in such a system. This may involve campus-wide “open invitation” listening sessions for data gathering and/or interviews/focus groups with key stakeholders.
  3. Identify any currently existing or commercially available systems that might work, and suggest an implementation timeline for a new system. Take into consideration the possibility of the university purchasing an Oracle or Workday Human Capital Management system in the future, which may already have performance management tools built within the system.
  4. Develop a strategy for implementation of the task force recommendations.

The members of the task force are:

Michele Eastman Assistant President & Chief of Staff – Co-Sponsor
Jewel Washington Assistant VP – UHR – Co-Sponsor
Willie Brown Director – UHR – Co-Chair
Denise Clark Associate VP – Research – Co-Chair
Lisa Bradley-Klemko Assistant Dean – CMNS
Otto Eduardo Fandino Director Admin Svc – ENGR
Shirley Goff Business Svc Spec – AGNR
Nina Hamedani Assistant Director – DIT
Jeffrey Kudisch Assistant Dean – BMGT
Cassandra Lawson Staff Relations Manager – UHR
Sharon La Voy Assistant VP – IRPA
Kalia Patricio Assistant Director – Stamp Union
Mark Rapach Technical Director – ARHU
Laura Scott Director – CLOC
Harry Teabout Ex Director, Bldg & Land – FM
Timea Webster Exec Admin Asst – Diversity and Inclusion
Ava-Lisa Macon Director Human Resources  – FM
Deborah Russell Manager, Human Resources – Athletics

Last updated: November 30, 2017

Last updated: November 30, 2017