Professional Development & Growth in 2016

There are few things that signal the start of a New Year like writing a set of New Year’s resolutions!  Many of us resolve to eat healthier, lose weight, or work out more.  Yet, how many of us identify time to think about enhancing our performance at work?

In a spirit of reflection and renewal, it is time to challenge your thinking about boosting your workplace effectiveness.

What professional goals would you like to establish this year?  Are there skill sets you would like to improve? Consider turning your focus inward and enhancing a skill set that could help you manage your workload and your career path.

Training Tune-Up

stock-illustration-27097268-abstract-tree-with-education-iconsTake some time to assess how you are doing in your current position.  Are you meeting expectations or are you exceeding them?  Are you developing a skill set that will round out your resume?  Are you learning new approaches to efficiently complete your work and contribute to your team?  As we move toward the end of the current Performance Review and Development (PRD) process, review your PRD document to see if there are areas in which you would like to improve.  Once you have identified any relevant areas, look at the training resources on and to decide if any of the offerings may be helpful to you in meeting your goals and your supervisor’s performance goals.

The Leadership Development Initiatives (LDI) Track I focuses on Keys to a Positive Workplace, Communication Essentials, Conflict Resolution, and Effective Delegation.  Our LDI, Track II, offers small group learning and discussion for more experienced leaders who are seriously committed to personal and organizational effectiveness.

We have designed our new Supervisor’s Essentials program to offer skills and information to new supervisors and new-to-UMD-supervisors.  These are fee free sessions providing important and consistent information for all campus faculty and staff.  If you aren’t a supervisor but plan to be in the future, please feel free to attend!

Remember to make time to view over 2,600 courses on, our online library of training videos on topics such as improving your memory, management fundamentals, delegating to your team, communicating clearly, and leading productive one-on-one meetings.  Project Management Professional (PMP)® prep classes are now available on, too!

Be sure to include your chosen training sessions in your action plan as you begin your Employee Self-Assessment (ESA). You will likely experience a sense of accomplishment as you chart your progress and meet your performance goals!

Last updated: February 25, 2016

Last updated: February 25, 2016