Professional & Personal development for 2017

Learning & Talent Development is excited to share with you a wide variety of & training opportunities for your professional and personal development.

The 2017 course catalog featuring opportunities for employees and for supervisors is now available. You can access our full schedule and register for sessions at

Highlights from our catalog of most requested courses include:

Transformational Leadership (LDI II): A two-day workshop offering tools and resources on how to identify, initiate, and execute ideas and becoming a leader of lasting and meaningful change along with tips on how to coach employees for professional growth and high performance.

Leadership Development Initiatives (LDI I): A six course program that covers the skills needed to be an effective supervisor. This is an experiential learning and interactive program. The courses include Keys to a Positive Workplace, Communication Essentials, Conflict Resolution, Effective Delegation, Getting Things Done, & Performance Conversations.

Employee Development Initiatives (EDI): A six course program for university staff, specifically non-supervisors, to help improve skills and advance careers. EDI focuses on developing skills and tools to help staff grow in their current positions and careers. The topics offered are Creating an Engaged Work Environment, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Customer Service, Maximizing Productivity, & Growing Your Career.

Last updated: March 16, 2017

Last updated: March 16, 2017