Skin Cancer Prevention Month

Sponsor: American Academy of Dermatology

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the main cause of skin cancer. UV radiation can also come from tanning booths or sunlamps. The most dangerous kind of skin cancer is called melanoma.

The good news? Skin cancer can almost always be cured when it’s found and treated early – and that includes melanoma. We can work together to prevent skin cancer or find it early when it’s easier to treat.

This May spread the word about strategies for preventing skin cancer and encourage organizations, communities, and families to get involved.

How can Skin Cancer Prevention Month make a difference?

We can use this month to raise awareness about skin cancer and help people take action to prevent or detect it – both at home and in the community.

Last updated: May 3, 2019

Last updated: May 3, 2019