Strengthening Your C.O.R.E

With the arrival of Spring, we’ve all begun to focus more intentionally on exercising and becoming more active.  Fitness plans are all the rage, as evidenced by a rise in gadget purchases (Fitbits and kettle bells) and even gym memberships.  As we think about ways to improve our physical fitness, do not forget to consider how we might improve our career fitness (or preparedness) for future opportunities at the University!

By using an analogy from fitness, let us explore the notion of improving one’s career preparedness.

A stronger core (or midsection) helps us maintain good posture, aligns all of our vital organs and helps us lift objects.  What if it were possible to prepare for future opportunities at UMD by strengthening one’s core?

UMD is a great place to work (check out job postings at and many of us are interested in enhancing our career and looking for opportunities to contribute to our campus.  Let us take a closer look at how your CORE can help you navigate your career.

According to UHR Learning & Talent Development Specialist, Angela Jackson, the acronym CORE stands for:

Competencies:  what skills have you developed as a result of your current position? How might you take advantage of opportunities present in your work to broaden your skill set? Are there additional tasks/responsibilities you can take on to hone your skills and/or develop new ones?  Are you articulating these skills on your resume and your cover letter?  Have you updated your resume lately? Which skill sets are needed for the type of opportunity that you would like to pursue in the future?

Opportunities:  what opportunities exist to work on projects that align with your specific interests and aspirations?  How do people articulate their interests in taking on additional assignments or becoming a part of committee work and/or initiatives within your Unit, Department, Division?  Do not forget to visit to find out about training opportunities offered by University Human Resources.  Taking LDI I, LDI II, EDI or some of our other custom training provides solid professional development!

Readiness:  How much research have you done about the types of opportunities you want to pursue?   How are your skills an asset to the work associated with your desired position?  What skills and/or certifications are in high demand for your current/desired position? How do you reflect your value in your resume, cover letter, conversations, networking opportunities, etc.?

Efficacy:  In what ways are your aspirations in alignment with your Unit’s philosophy and practices?  How do you add value to your Unit, Department and/or Division? How can you showcase your skills in a more meaningful way?  Are you making the kind of impact that leads to other opportunities?  Be sure to measure your effectiveness in communicating your value by helping others understand how you contribute to your Unit, Department and/or Division.

Take some time to reflect on your CORE and have a conversation with another person (a supervisor, colleague and/or mentor) about your thoughts.  This will allow you to share your aspirations and be more intentional about looking for opportunities to develop your career at UMD.

Last updated: May 3, 2017

Last updated: May 3, 2017