UHR|Connect August 2016

The results are in! The Gallup organization has briefed President Loh on the results
from the Thriving Workplace Initiative survey conducted last semester and he is ready
for the campus to dive into this opportunity to learn from our bright spots, support new
behaviors, and work together to create a culture of engagement an inclusion at UMD.

august_uhr_connect_coverAs you may recall, this initiative aspires to create a thriving work environment and a
culture of engagement and inclusion among all UMD employees. As this university
continues its ascendency as a premier institution “equal to the best,” the Thriving
Workplace Initiative is critical to harnessing and acknowledging each employee’s
contributions every step of the way.

Data from the survey paint a picture of substantial employee engagement and inclusion
coupled with tremendous opportunities for growth. There are areas with strong scores
as well as areas needing attention.

On July 29, faculty and staff who supervise others will receive an email from Gallup with
instructions for accessing Gallup Online. On this site, they will find summary results for
their area. In addition, where Gallup’s confidentiality threshold was achieved (a
minimum of 5 respondents), workgroup-specific data is available. Summary information
about overall University results will also be available at

Consultants from UMD’s Center for Leadership & Organizational Change (CLOC) have
already begun to work with units to understand and take action on their results.
Through individual coaching and facilitated sessions they will help everyone make the
most of this opportunity to develop an engaged and inclusive workplace where
individuals work with passion, feel a profound connection to their workplace, and are
empowered to succeed. More information about these sessions is available at
www.president.umd.edu/thrivingworkplace. Contact the Thriving Workplace Initiative
now to get started at thrivingworkplace@umd.edu or 301-405-1336.

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Last updated: March 16, 2017

Last updated: March 16, 2017