UHR|Connect February 2016

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Colleagues often ask, “Do I really need to send my staff to new hire orientation?”  Believe me, there have been hundreds of studies conducted by organizations such as the Society of Human Resources Management and the Association of Talent Development to answer that question.  However, rather than looking up the research, try this – reach out to your newest team members and ask them what their biggest questions were as they anticipated their first day or week in their new jobs here at UMD.  Maybe some had questions about their new supervisors or team members, but, most wanted more information about our benefits forms and paperwork.  They needed tips on how to find their way at UMD and learn about all its resources and wondered: What are the policies?; What training do I need to take?; Who do I contact about X, Y, and Z?;  When and how do I get paid?

UHR is here to answer those questions and aid in alleviating that anxiety.  We have recently re-tooled the new hire orientation and welcome program to highlight a number of pertinent university policies and resources and to share advice on navigating our large campus community.  Our program is designed to reduce your startup costs by bringing new hires up to speed more quickly, which will save time for the college/department and supervisor by providing them with updated and detailed information about the larger university.  Then, they will be ready to dive into their new roles and charge forward! We offer new hire orientation and welcome twice a month, on Mondays.  Register at www.training.umd.edu.

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Jewel Washington
Assistant Vice President
University Human Resources

Last updated: February 2, 2016

Last updated: February 2, 2016