UHR|Connect May 2016

uhr connect cover page imageSummer is coming and it is often a busy time in recruiting and hiring.  As you are looking for the best qualified applicants for your positions we encourage you to consider hiring veterans.  Due to their experience, veterans often work well on a team, have a sense of duty and mission, are self-confident, and are often very organized.  They are also likely to come to a job with a great deal of cross-functional skills.  This sounds like the ideal employee to me!

UHR will be participating in the Fort Meade job fair in early May. We will be inviting veterans to apply for open positions at the University.  If a veteran is hired, we will do our best to support them in their transition to UMD employment.  If you’d like some resources to get you started in recruiting veterans, we can provide you with information on where to advertise on military job boards and social media sites. Additionally, we strongly encourage our current UMD employees who are veterans and/or military spouses to refer other veterans to our job openings.

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Jewel Washington
Assistant Vice President
University Human Resources

Last updated: March 16, 2017

Last updated: March 16, 2017