Using UHR|Connect Viewer Controls

Viewer Controls

At the bottom of the screen, when viewing our publication, there are a set of controls.  While the symbols may be familiar to some, they are not to everyone.  The above graphic shows a brief description of what each control does.image of UHR|Connect controls

What other sharing options are available?  Not only do you have the option to download but you can quickly share within your social network, email or embed in your own website such as a blog.

image of UHR|Connect share options

Viewing Options

Readers can enjoy UHR|Connect by viewing it online or on mobile devices.  While the mobile reader utilizes HTML5 there are also native IOS and Android Apps.  For those that do not have a smart phone or access to a computer, a PDF version can be downloaded and printed.

Last updated: March 16, 2017

Last updated: March 16, 2017