We Asked, You Answered

We surveyed your training goals for 2018. You had many – Marketing, Interviewing, Peer Management, and Welding to name a few.  Lynda.com can IMMEDIATELY meet your training needs!

Add these training videos and courses to your PRD planning sessions.

The “D” in PRD stands for development, as in Training & Development.

Click on a link below, sign in with your Directory ID and password.  Hey, if you get in there and find that the videos/courses we listed here aren’t exactly what you want… scroll down to the bottom of that screen and Lynda.com offers some additional options for your review.

Topic You Want Training from Lynda.com
Coaching Coaching for Results
Cyber security Computer Security Investigation and Response
Data analysis What is Data Analysis?
Design Introduction to Graphic Design
Don’t know How to Use Lynda.com
Interpersonal skills Interpersonal Communication
Interviewing skills Internal Interviewing
Legal Understanding Your Options
Marketing/PR Marketing Communications
MINT Migrating your Accounts to Mint.com
Motivation Management Tips: Weekly
Motivational Interviewing Interviewing Techniques
Peer Management Going from Peer to Manager
Risk Management Create a Risk Management Plan
StrengthsQuest Discovering your Strengths
Student Advising Insights from a College Career Coach
Video production Video Production Playlist
VISA processing How to Manage Visas
Welding Welding: Sheet Metal Design

Last updated: March 5, 2018

Last updated: March 5, 2018