Wellness Plan Activities 2017

The Wellness Plan has several important benefits. First, it helps you and your enrolled spouse work with your medical providers to get and/or stay healthy. Second, it saves you money on your healthcare. Third, it will save money for the State in the long term by focusing our healthcare dollars on prevention. It’s your choice whether or not to participate, but there are advantages to doing so.

You Save Money by Participating!

Employees, non-Medicare eligible retirees and spouses who are enrolled in a medical plan are eligible to participate. When you and your enrolled spouse complete the wellness activities for 2017, all of your visits to your PCP are free and you could also receive a $5 reduction for your specialist copay until the end of the calendar year! The sooner you complete your activities the sooner you start saving.

If You Do Not Participate in the Wellness Plan

If you choose not to complete the healthy activities, you lose out on free PCP copays and/or reduced specialist copays.

2017 Wellness Activities

First select a PCP (if you haven’t already) and then complete the online health risk assessment provided by your medical plan. It’s a good idea to take the assessment every two years to track your progress or to pick up areas for improvement. Within 30-days of completing these two activities you will be able to enjoy free PCP visits for the rest of the year. Please refer to the Wellness FAQ on our website for details on how your plan notifies you that your record has been updated.

New for 2017! If you are due for any age or gender preventive screenings and your doctor recommends it, you enjoy a $5 reduction in your specialist copays for the rest of the year by having the recommended screening(s) done. Keep in mind, the earlier in 2017 you complete the wellness activities, the sooner you enjoy free PCP copays and/or reduce specialist copays.

In the event you and/or your enrolled spouse are unable to perform any or all of the healthy activities due to medical reasons, alternative options will be available to receive the rewards. Please contact the Employee Benefits Division for details.

Follow These Easy Steps to Start Earning Your Rewards

  1. Select a PCP (if not already done).
  2. Complete the online health risk assessment. You have a choice between completing your medical plan’s health risk assessment or the State health risk assessment.
  3. Take the list of screenings with you for your annual physical exam and if your doctor recommends any of the screenings for which you are due, complete the screening.

Take Advantage of These Wellness Benefits

  • Reimbursement of weight loss program monthly membership fees.
  • Wellness coaches – available under all medical plans – to help you reach your nutrition and health goals.

For details, visit online at: http://dbm.maryland.gov/benefits/Pages/WellnessHome.aspx

Last updated: March 16, 2017

Last updated: March 16, 2017