Whistleblower Protection Progams

Dear University of Maryland Community:

In accordance with newly enhanced federal Whistleblower Protection Programs, The University of Maryland College Park (“UMD”) is releasing new guidance that will incorporate revised policy requirements, attached.

UMD currently has protections in place for whistleblowers who disclose concerns related to financial matters, but new federal laws and regulations, particularly those that apply to sponsored research, require protection for both financial and non-financial matters.

In conjunction with these enhanced programs, UMD must (1) inform its employees who work on any federal award that they are subject to the whistleblower rights and remedies of the new federal pilot program; (2) inform its employees in writing of the specific federal whistleblower protections, including a list of concerns and to whom the employee may disclose concerns; and (3) flow down these requirements to sub-awards issued under federal awards.

Should you have any questions regarding the guidance, please contact Paul Dworkis at 301-405-2589 or pdworkis@umd.edu.


Patrick O’Shea
Vice President and Chief Research Officer

Carlo Colella
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Last updated: October 27, 2016

Last updated: October 27, 2016