FY20 Payroll Events

Guidance and important information regarding FY20 Payroll events including PHR Funding Changes, 3% July COLA and Leap Year Factor Calculations.  Please read these details thoroughly and share with others as appropriate.


Effective (Monday) 6/24/19, PHR funding changes for FY20 will be extracted from the BPM (Budget Preparation & Maintenance System) and loaded into the PHR system. Funding changes will appear in PHR as a future dated change to an employee’s current appointment. 


All salaried, regular employees who had funding changes created in BPM during the working budget process and also have a valid corresponding appointment record in the PHR System will have a future dated funding change loaded into the PHR system.

The future funding changes will display from the “Base Salary & Funding” page as a “Future Change” with an Actual Change Date of 7/1/2019. For all 9, 9.5, and 10 month employees, the Actual Change Date will be 8/4/2019 (Pay Period 4).


To make changes to BPM loaded Funding, you must first delete the Future Funding Source record that was loaded from BPM:

  1. Access the current PHR appointment and click “Base Salary & Funding.”
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click the “Future Salary” button.
  3. Click “Delete Future Funding Source.”

To create new FY20 funding:

  1. Access the current PHR appointment and click “Base Salary & Funding.”
  2. Click “Add Funding Source.”
  3. Enter the FY20 funding package information (12 Month employees should have a “Funding Effective Date” of 7/1/2019 and be approved by 7/01/2019, and 9, 9.5, or 10 month employees should have a “Funding Effective Date” of 8/4/2019 and be approved by 8/13/2019).
  4. Click “Save” and release for approval.


The following information provides important details pertaining to the July 3% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) that was approved by the Maryland Legislature this past spring.


An automatic 3% COLA salary change amount will be added to the current base salary of all active salaried employees within the following employment categories:

01-Tenured Faculty 
02-Tenure Track Faculty
03-Faculty Non-Tenured, Term Contract
04-Graduate Assistant 
15-Faculty Non-Tenured, Continuing Contract
20-Nonexempt Regular
25-Post-Doctoral Scholars 
33-Exempt Regular
37-Faculty Non-Regular, Non-Tenured 

The automatic salary change will apply to employees with appointment start dates prior to 7/1/2019 and appointment termination dates after 7/6/2019. If these conditions are met, the
appointment record will have an automatic future salary change record, and pay adjustment, created by the PHR system. 

On 6/24/19, a future salary change record will be created and displayed on the PHR “Base Salary & Funding/Future Salary Changes.” Each record will have an actual change date of
7/1/2019 and a pay period effective date of 7/7/2019.  

Effective 07/2/2019, the PHR system will create PHR pay adjustments for the above referenced employees. The pay adjustment will be for the period 7/1/2019-7/6/2019 and will be calculated as 6/14ths of the difference between the pay period 1 biweekly salary and the new pay period 2 biweekly salary.

If manual COLA increases are created and approved on or before 7/1/2019, they will also have a system generated pay adjustment created, providing the “Actual Change Date” used is
7/1/2019. All “COLA” pay adjustments for pay period 1 will display through “PHR Pay Adjustments” and “PHR Pay Calculations” beginning 7/2/2019.


If an existing COLA needs to be changed or removed, delete the system generated COLA salary adjustment record by:

  • Accessing the employee’s CURRENT PHR appointment.
  • Click “Base Salary & Funding.” 
  • Scroll to the bottom and Click “Future Salary Change.”
  • Click “Delete.” 
  • You can also delete future salary changes by accessing the PHR appointment record from the PHR “Process” menu on the PHR “Search” page and clicking “Delete Future Approved Changes”.

A new salary change can then be created from the current “Base Salary and Funding” page using an “Actual Change Date” of 7/1/2019 and entering the modified base salary. Release and approve the transaction by 7/1/2019. 


If applicable, COLA salary changes for contractual employees (categories 22 or 35), will require a manual change in the PHR system. If the C2 contract renewal date is after 7/1/2019, then an addendum must also be routed through UHR – the C2 COLA Addendum form can be found at https://uhr.umd.edu/forms/

These changes should have an “Actual Change Date” of 7/1/2019, a salary change reason of COLA, and be approved by 7/1/2019. The PHR system will then create automatic pay adjustments for these transactions, providing they are approved on or before 7/1/2019 and the actual change date is 7/1/2019. 


Any salary/funding changes to current appointments that were not loaded from BPM for ALL categories, including faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and contractual employees, will
require a manual change in the PHR system. These changes (promotion, retention, equity, FTE changes, and probation increases) should have an “Actual Change Date” of 7/1/2019 and should be approved by 7/1/2019. Pay adjustments should also be created for 6/14ths of the difference between the FY19 bi-weekly salary and the new FY20 bi-weekly salary. These
adjustments must also be approved by 7/1/2019.

Any funding or salary changes for 22 pay employees must have an “Actual Change Date,” for salary or funding, of 8/4/2019 and must be approved by 8/13/2019.


All new fiscal year appointments including promotions, reclassifications, and new contracts should be created with an “Appointment Start Date” of 7/1/2019 with the new FY20 salary,
which includes COLA. These appointments must also be approved by 7/1/2019.


During Pay Period 1, a salary/funding change FY20 report will be made available by campus Payroll Services to detail each system generated funding/salary change. The FY2020 Payroll
Conversion report will be available through WOW. Users may access WOW through the main menu of the PHR System under the PHR Reports link. The WOW reports link can be found on the upper left-hand corner of the reports menu. In WOW, the FY20 Payroll Conversion report will be located under the “Appointment Reports” folder. 


FY20 is a leap year; therefore, the salary calculation factor for 12 month salaried employees is 26.142857 (effective with PP01 beginning 06/23/2019). The factor for an academic year
faculty employee paid over 12 months is 26 (effective with PP04 beginning 8/4/19).


The Nonexempt salary structure will be increased by 4% effective PPD02 (effective 7/7/19) after COLA.  UHR Compensation will contact departments with instructions for employees
impacted. (Note: there are no changes to the Exempt Salary Structure for FY20.)


Due to the Central Payroll Bureau’s closure for holidays, the paycheck for pay period 11 will be dated (Wednesday) 11/27/2019, instead of the usual Friday pay date.

For FY20, health deductions will not be withheld on PP05 (check dated 9/6/2019) and PP18 (check dated 3/6/2020).

The minimum hourly rate of pay will increase from $10.10 to $11.00 effective 1/1/2020.

If you have any questions regarding this important FY20 information, please contact the UHR Support Center at 301-405-7575 prior to making any changes in the PHR system.

Last updated: June 13, 2019

Last updated: June 13, 2019