Accessing PHR

Access PHR from (ARES) or (PHR System)

This is the “Main System” menu. This page provides links to the various PHR modules:

  • 1. Accessing PHRThe “Employee & Appointment” module is used to create and maintain employee demographic and appointment records.
  • The “Affiliates” module is used to create University affiliate records for those individuals that would like to utilize certain University services. These individuals are not university employees.
  • The “Pay Adjustments” module is used to create additions or reductions to employee pay that cannot be accomplished through the PHR appointment or time entry areas. Pay adjustments are created for individual pay periods.
  • The “Pay Calculation” module displays the unit’s total bi-weekly pay data in one concise format. Data is collected from the PHR appointment, pay adjustment, and time entry areas. The data refreshes nightly as users create changes in the appointment, pay adjustment, and time entry areas.
  • The” PHR Time Entry & Faculty Leave Reporting” modules contain employee bi-weekly time and leave records.
  • “Card Swipe/DO Office Reporting” provides bi-weekly reports for those campus units that utilize a card swipe time keeping system.
  • The “Main System” menu also provides links to other campus administrative systems as well as a link to a PHR website that contains information concerning a whole host of training, policy, and “how-do-I types of instructions for users.
  • Before accessing any module the system will require a University ID number (UID) and a password. All new university employees receive a UID once their appointment is created in the PHR  System. Once the UID is generated the employee can create their own unique password by following the instructions on the ARES sign-in page.
  • Once signed into PHR, those with multiple levels of system access must choose which access level to use for the session.  Various levels of access are:
      1. Creator for employee and appointment, pay adjustment and pay calculation
      2. Approver for employee and appointment, pay adjustment, and pay calculation

Access at these levels can be at the unit level (this is a sub unit within a campus department), department level, college level (i.e Engineering, Arts and Humanities, etc.), or division level (i.e Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs, etc.). If you have only one level of system access, you will directed to that specific area of the system that you chose from the main system menu.

Last updated: January 30, 2014